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Calculators How to enter negative numbers in Ti89 Titanium?

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    How to enter negative numbers in Ti89 Titanium??

    This is so hard. I wonder whether I need more training in Google search or is it that the Ti89Titanium has a very very poor Knowledge Base and Tutorial.

    How do you enter a negative value?

    During my search, I noticed that the Ti89 uses a key labelled (-) to enter a negative value, as opposed to -, the normal minus sign. I don't see this enigmatic (-) key on my Titanium. I removed the batteries, and it wasn't underneath neither.

    I Googled for the Titanium photo, just to ensure that my calculator did not have a severe casing defect. Everything seems normal. The (-) key does not exist on the Titanium.

    Trying to enter - simply ,then typing a number, and finally 'Enter', produces a Syntax error.
    On home, pressing the - button shows ans(1)-, which is not what I want.

    How do I enter the negative sign directly??
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    Re: How to enter negative numbers in Ti89 Titanium??

    Negative numbers dont exist. You must have one of those alt dimension calculators.
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    Re: How to enter negative numbers in Ti89 Titanium??

    Hi Shailen Sobhe,

    Maybe I'm not understanding what you are asking for, but on mine the minus sign is above the plus sign, and the negative sign is below the 3. Is yours different from that?
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    Re: How to enter negative numbers in Ti89 Titanium??


    I was worried I had a fake Titanium. Mine is a refurbished one. I've sent the calculator to my seller yesterday, and got the keys corrected today. (My mistake: I didn't notice the difference when I compared my physical calculator and the downloaded picture.)

    Thank you for spotting that key. I swear I watched the photo several times, and I never saw the difference. I guess I'll have to contact my oculist.

    PS: I then checked the firmware version of my calculator to ensure there was nothing fake. Everything seems okay. I even removed the back case, and checked the ASIC processor chip which was thankfully a genuine motorolla chip. Today, the piracy world is such a thriving industry that you have to be wary of all electronics you purchase. Apparently, The Chinese won the gold medal of excellency in this business. They pirate stuff to perfection; at least, above the hood, everything is perfect.

    Last year, my dad bought some iPod nanos in China. Oblivious to the genuine model, he bought four fake devices and came back. I felt it 'horrendous', to exaggerate on the word, to hold that fake mp3 player, disguised into Apple's iPod.

    Therefore, be cautious everyone when buying electronics.
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