How to extract bubbles gas from gel(Super Absorbent Polymer)

  1. I have been thinking to extract gases from SAP (the gel is super absorbent polymer(sodium polyacrylate)). The gases are trapped inside the gel in form of bubbles gas. I am thinking of using salt to turn it back to liquid or using vacuum pump to extract gas out. Using salt might be the best way but it contaminated the SAP. Do anybody have any suggestion? Thank very much.
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  3. Have you tried the vacuum pump on the unsalted gel? what happened?
  4. How sure are you that the gel is saturated by the gas throughout? If it isn't, then perhaps you can pressurize the gel and allow enough time for the gas to dissolve and diffuse into unsatruated regions of the gel.
  5. Thanks for answering, but I don't need to saturate the gel, I just need to extract the gas, so I think liquefy it would be the best way.
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