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Homework Help: How to find energy if mass and height is given?

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    If you are going to throw a 1kg ball vertically upward and reach a maximum height of 18m. A)How much energy is needed?
    B)What should be the initial speed of the ball?

    My solution:

    In getting the energy
    I derived the work energy theorem
    w=176.34 joules
    I'm not sure if my answer is correct so I would be extremely grateful if someone could check it.

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    By my reckoning, you are a decimal place off. It is likely a result of your rounding off the velocity.

    Note that instead of using the velocity, you could have simply used the fact that work = change in energy = mgh. Do you see?
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Regarding on the fact that you had just said, that was actually my first solution but seeing that they both have the same result. I decided to use this one instead.
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