How to find the distance the block travels?

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Homework Statement

A 15 g bullet is fired at 650 m/s into a 5 kg block that sits at the edge of a 65-cm-high table. The bullet embeds itself in the block and carries it off the table. How far from the point directly below the table's edge does the block land?

Homework Equations

Impulse=m(delta v)

The Attempt at a Solution

I really have no idea how to do this. Perhaps try to find the impulse from the bullet on the block? I know impulse=m(delta v), and I think you would use the bullet's mass (?), and the initial velocity is 650 m/s, but I'm not sure what the final velocity is? If the block starts to move then I wouldn't think it would be zero...
And then from there I have no idea where I would go :(
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Hi marieb, Welcome to Physics Forums.

Hint: There's a type of collision involved, so think about what conservation law might be applicable.

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