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How to generate 2 bar pressure of steam economically?

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    I am in a need to generate steam of 2 bar pressure, 403 K temperature and a mass flow rate of 0.0123 kg/s. Its just needed for my project work. Kindly suggest some ways to generate it economically. Thanks in advance.
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    Since you require a constant flow of 12.3 g/sec you should be able to do that without storage of steam under pressure. That will make it significantly safer.

    Use a positive displacement pump to push 12.3 cc of cold water per second, up a heated tube through an oven. The oven maintains the tube at 403 K. It could be heated electrically and controlled by a thermostat. The pressure will be set by the rate you release the steam.
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    Thanks for your kind replay. What kind of oven I can use for it? For this purpose whether I could get any ready made oven from market? If so, kindly give me the information about it.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Pd pump would also increase pressure of water...
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