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How to get Von Mises stress for section on Abaqus

  1. Mar 11, 2015 #1
    I am doing FEA analysis using Abaqus and I need to get the average/min/max Von Mises stress for a section rather than the Von Mises stress for each individual element.

    I have tried using python scripts such as http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=184288 however I have had no success as of yet.

    Has anybody any suggestions on how I can go about this ?
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    I'm not sure: Is this even a physically meaningful quantity? (Do you mean a solid section or a cross-section, btw?)
    Do you want to weigh the von Mises stress by the element volume (if so, you need to output IVOL or EVOL to the odb).
    If you have a set for the section you want to average over, you can do it directly in cae in the following way:
    1. Use the xy plot manager to create a plot of von Mises stress vs time for all elements in your set.
    2. Use "operate on xy data". As a function, use "sum", then select all the xy-curves you just created, this will give you a summed-up curve.

    Final tip: If you want to know what python commands this corresponds to, look into the abaqus.rpy.

    (Of course you can also do it using a python script as the one you linked - this should work (why did it not? what was the problem?)
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    @Sonderval Thank you very much this has been a great help and we have been able to pull the results that we require from abaqus.

    Our problem when trying to run the python script is that we keep getting a syntax error on line 25 - '' def getMaxMises(Job-2,WHITE_MA) : ''
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