What is Von mises: Definition and 23 Discussions

Mises or von Mises may refer to:

Ludwig von Mises, an Austrian-American economist of the Austrian School, older brother of Richard von Mises
Mises Institute, or the Ludwig von Mises Institute for Austrian Economics, named after Ludwig von Mises
Richard von Mises, an Austrian-American scientist and mathematician, younger brother of Ludwig von Mises
Von Mises distribution, named after Richard von Mises
Von Mises yield criterion, named after Richard von Mises
Dr. Mises, pseudonym of Gustav Fechner, a German philosopher, physicist and experimental psychologist.

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  1. Juanda

    I Von Mises stress and real failures: Triaxial tension

    In broad terms, Von Misses is a failure theory that uses deviatoric stress to check if a ductile material will yield. It's a fairly accurate failure theory because experimental results agree with the predicted results. Extending the previous picture to 3D means that as long as the stress...
  2. Juanda

    Trying to understand welding recommendations

    Recently I found these notes with recommendations for welded joints and something is not sitting right with me. It's in Spanish but I'll translate it as close to technical English as I can. I have checked a few sources on the internet and they all say basically the same thing. I couldn't find...
  3. D

    Understanding von Mises stress

    The formula for von Mises stress for a plane stress (2d) condition with no shear stress is: So if S1 = 1000, S2 = 0 , then Svm = 1000. If the S2 is now increased from 0 to 500. The von Mises stress will go from 1000 to 866 I understand this is how the equation works, but can someone give me...
  4. Twigg

    Open die forging, von Mises related questions

    Hey folks! I had a hard time finding accessible resources on open die forging. If you have a better source, that'd be just as good as an answer to these questions. I've been following this slideshow, and my questions are about steps in this derivation I don't follow. First up, one page 6...
  5. D

    Mechanics of Materials - Tresca and Von Mises criterion

    For the second one I thought I'd find the shear max caused by the first torque, and use the value as my radius in Mohr's circle, then proceed to find the stress and shear caused by the new torsion and moment (in terms of M), and proceed to use the criteria to solve for M. I seem to be going in...
  6. X

    Von Mises Stress: Yielding & SF Criterion Equation

    Hi, just wanted to ask for the von Mises criterion equation, is the equation without the SF (the one I circled in blue) only applicable when yielding has FIRST occurred? (i.e when SF=1)? and is the equation including the SF (one I circled in orange) applicable to all cases? (i.e whether the...
  7. R

    Combined loading problem and failure

    Homework Statement The problem asks to find out whether the rod yields at points in section A according to the tresca and von mises criteria P is 120N Homework Equations Shear stress= VQ/It Stress= Mx/I shear stress= Tp/J The Attempt at a Solution I picked 2 points at section A. The...
  8. mattyboson12

    Von Mises Stress: Yield Stress & Elasticity

    If the von mises stress well is below the yield stress, am I right to assure the material is behaving elastically?
  9. J

    Single shear element in stress tensor: Finding Von Mises

    When finding the Von Mises of given a stress tensor who's only element is a single shear component (τ): \begin{bmatrix} 0 & τ & 0\\ τ & 0 & 0\\ 0 & 0 & 0 \end{bmatrix} the result is simply √3×τ. Is the Von Mises criterion not valid when considering a single component as in this example? I...
  10. 1350-F

    Effective Strain of Frictionless Punch on Deep Plate

    I'm trying to figure out the effective strain of a frictionless punch on a deep plate. For simplicity's sake let's say it's in plane strain. Don't quite know where to start. Closest thing I can think of is the strain from a bulge test, but that involves a thin sheet. Looked at some indentor...
  11. C

    How to get Von Mises stress for section on Abaqus

    I am doing FEA analysis using Abaqus and I need to get the average/min/max Von Mises stress for a section rather than the Von Mises stress for each individual element. I have tried using python scripts such as http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=184288 however I have had no success as of...
  12. Saumya Kar

    Von Mises stress Vs Principle stress

    Hello Folks, May be I am bring up the old topic again., but I've lost enough sleep over this topic. I understand that we use Von-Mises criteria for ductile material failure by comparing to yield limit and max principal stress is used to check failure for brittle materials. My question is bit...
  13. 1350-F

    Differential Yield Stress and Von Mises Criterion

    If I have the differential yield stress σd=(σ1-σ3) for a material, what can I derive from that for use with the von mises criterion? Do I have k=0.5×(σ1-σ3) or σy in axial tension, where σ3 = 0? Essentially is my axial yield stress = σd or √3 × σd /2? (in plane stress)
  14. M

    Question on Von Mises Stress Envelope

    I have a question about the Von Mises Stress Ellipse: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/Tresca_stress_2D.png I understand that this equation if a component is subject to more than just an axial stress, the effect must be account for. I also understand that the ellipse is...
  15. A

    Von Mises Stress Calculation for Internally Pressurized Pipe

    Problem Description: Internally pressurised pipe elbow with open ends. I have to compare the Finite Element Von Mises stress with that calculated by hand. I am having issues calculating this. The formulae that I am using are: Hoop Stress: σ_1 = \frac{P*d}{2*h} Where: P is pressure...
  16. D

    How Do Tresca and von Mises Theories Compare in Calculating Safety Factors?

    I have been given these questions as homework and completed them , but you enter them on our online homework system to check if they are correct. It doesn't say which one is wrong though and its frustrating as I don't know where I have gone wrong! I know I have one right as it does say 1/2 is...
  17. M

    Mohrs Circle, Von Mises and Minimum Yield Strength Help

    Hi Wasn't sure where to post this, hope it's ok in here! I've gotten myself very confused as to how to find the minimum yield strength for an element. I have used Mohrs circle to find sigma1 and sigma2, then plugged that into the von mises equation to find sigma-von = 636.8MPa. The...
  18. 3

    Limiting values for Von Mises stress in concentric reducers?

    Hi there was wondering if anybody could help me. 1). How to find the limiting values of Von Mises stress induced in concentric reducers? 2). At what pressure concentric reducer will fail? 3). Calculation for thickness (minimum required for fittings) for ASME 1500 class rating. Material...
  19. S

    Tresca and Von mises question

    (need help with the following question) A slender bar with rectangular cross section is subjected to tensile loading along its longitudinal direction. During the test, a compressive stress of 120MPa is always maintained in one of the two axes orthogonal to the longitudinal direction. The yield...
  20. K

    Polymer Engineering question related to Von Mises yield criterion

    It is a proof question. Does anyone can tell me how to do this question?question 22.2 it is the question for extra credit for my final exam. thank you so much.
  21. K

    Von mises smaller than tresca in calculations

    hi every one. i am struggling with the same problem. my principal stresses were the same as the guys above but my von mises σyeild=325MPa which is also smaller than the tresca hexagon σyield =421 MPa. von mises = σ1^2+σ2^2-σ1σ2=(σyield/K)^2 i was wandering if this method was correct p.s. is...
  22. G

    Is it a problem if Tresca is larger than Von Mises for yield loci graph?

    hello there i have a shaft..i found the von mises and the tresca..von mises is 360 and tresca is 430. So when i m trying to produce the loci graph the tresca will be bigger than von mises. I search in internet and there is no examples like that. Is there a problem if the tresca is bigger than...
  23. T

    Normal/Shear stress & Von Mises analysis

    Hello all, I am working on a design project (school work, nothing too important) and I'm trying to wrap my head around how to analyze potential failure in a shaft with an applied tensile load at one end and a torque near the midpoint. (The beam is fixed at the other end.) The tensile force...