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How to include disorder in the numerical computation?

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    For example, in tight binding model, the site energy is random
    I want to have 100 disorder realizations, then I have the following
    two questions:

    1. Do different realization needs different seed in the random number generation subroutine?

    2. When all realizations are completed, the result should be the simple average? (i.e., [tex]\frac{\sum_{n=1}^{100} P_n}{100}[/tex].
    Please help me, if you know, Thank you in advance!
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    Whenever one needs to include some "random" processes in a particular calculation or modeling, one tends to use some form of Monte Carlo algorithm. Not sure if this is applicable to you, but it is used a lot in different areas of physics.

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    Thanks you, Zz, you are right.
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