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MATLAB How to load .mcs files into matlab?

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    I am working on Lidar systems and measure the back scattered photons using a Multi Channel Scaler(MCS) The data files are of .mcs format. I need to load these .mcs files into MATLAB. How do I do this in matlab? Is there any function to load these file extensions into matlab? Thanks in advance...
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    If you know the format, you can write a routine to do it.....
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    I think you'll have to contact the company that made the hardware and ask about the file format or if they have an interface for matlab.

    HDF5 is a common format for scientific data such as this and it may well be that that is what they are using.

    Have you used a dump program like hexdump (linux) to see if its ascii or binary formatted?

    Since you mentioned LIDAR then I found these references about LAS file format:


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