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How to Mathematically describe a plane?

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    The linear combinations of V = (1,1,0) and W = (0,1,1) fill a plane.
    My question is how do i describe that plane? (not geometrically).
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    This plane is the set { s(1,1,0)+t(0,1,1): s,t Reals}={(s, s+t, t)} . Is that what you are looking for?
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    Yes! I understand what the question is asking now! I'm making that transition between A-level and UG.

    Thanks WWGD.
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    Notice that the cross product is <1, 1, 0> and <0, 1, 1> is <1, -1, 1> and, since this plane contains the origin, it could also be described by the single equation x- y+ z= 0.
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