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How to move cloud from one time to another

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    Assuming we have 3D clouds at time t1 and t2 in the same area, I'd like to discuss you about the idea moving cloud between two different times. (just in simulation)


    (there is no any parameter, only cloud volume in the each position) :bugeye: :bugeye:
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    You want to ... figure out how to ... move a cloud from ... time t1 to time t2.

    Uh... well, if it's a calm day, it will get there itself. All you have to do is wait...
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    Oh.. sorry.. it might not be clear.
    I meant, is it imposible to transform clouds between two different times that we know only their structures? (may be .. like an interpolation)

    I saw someone used linear interpolation, bezier curve, and other method to work on it. But it might have the other ways to move cloud like "real cloud" insteads of using the image processing method.

    Thank you very much :smile:


    ah.. it looks like a good idea... but ahh... >_<" ... noooo!
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