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How to network two computers using dial up

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    I want to network two computers using dial up connection. I need help
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    First off, this should probably be in the Computer Science or Technology forum, not homework (unless this is a homework problem, in which case you should show your attempt at a solution). A mod will probably be by to move this to one of those forums.

    Next off, do you have a modem? Are you actually dialing out? More importantly, which operating system are you actually using? Are you attempting to do windows file sharing? Set up TCP/IP?

    If the two computers are already networked, either through the internet, or through a local network, and they have IP addresses, it might be a whole lot easier to connect through this medium instead.
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    Would these two computers use different phone lines to the Internet or do you mean that the two computers are connected to each other’s modem by a phone line?
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