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How to perform theoretical vibro transporter analysis?

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    I am working on a vibrating section containing serrated plates which transports and aligns longitudinal parts. I have come up with model modification but I have no theory to back it up.
    How could I perform some vibro analysis, maybe determining frequency, optimum vibration path etc.?
    Can you refer me to some data sources (links of analyses)?
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    Vibrating feeders depends on displacement of the vibration on the part, and frequency to get time of transport. Fairly straight forward, except for when you transfer too much force or not enough to move the part(s). The exciter F=ma transfer to the part I imagine is the tough part.

    Here is a bad copy of paper that explains the math they used....
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    Thanks but one more thing...
    How much data could I get from a simulation (ANSYS etc.)? I've performed some eigenfrequency simulations before but in terms of vibrating chute feeder could I possibly find out such things as optimum feeder inclination, transfer rate, displacement?
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