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Homework Help: How to read this file line by line and store contents in an array

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    In my computational science class I have the task of taking the following input file and manipulating it.
    I have the following input file:

    C1 0 0.00 0 000.0 0 000.0
    O2 1 1.22 0 000.0 0 000.0
    H3 1 1.09 2 120.0 0 000.0
    C4 1 1.54 2 120.0 3 180.0
    H5 4 1.09 1 110.0 2 000.0
    H6 4 1.09 1 110.0 2 120.0
    H7 4 1.09 1 110.0 2 -120.0

    stored as input.txt. I need to open this file, read each line, and store each line as an element in an array. Is this even possible in C? I am used to Java, where I could have stored each line as a string object, but in C I have no idea.

    After that , I need to be able to access each element in this array, open an element, and tokenize it by space delimiter.

    Can someone please show me a code example of how this is done? I have spent several days browsing the internet looking for help in how this works, but I have had no such success. I'm really demoralized right now.

    Thank you,
    miss fangula
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    Oh, this is the code I have so far (not much, I know!):

    #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

    int main ()
    FILE* input; //file pointer to input file
    FILE* output; //file pointer to output file
    input = fopen("input.txt", "r"); //open input file to read
    output = fopen("output.txt", "w"); //open output file to write

    if (input == NULL)
    fprintf(output, "Error opening file.");

    return 0;
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    If your C++ compiler supports <iostream>, you can use getline() to retrieve lines. There's also a <string> version of getline() if your compiler supports standard template libarary. If this is C and not C++, on a modern PC, you probably have enough ram to be able to allocate a large amount of memory (malloc()), read the entire file into memory, after which you can use memchr() to scan the buffered data for line terminators.
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