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How to recover lost folder in the flash drive ( USB stick)?

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    My wife lost a file that she worked directly from a flash drive. Somehow, the whole folder disappeared. Is there any way to recover that folder?

    Problem is she did not work off the C drive where even you accidentally deleted it, you can find it in the trash bin. She worked directly off the flash drive and she can't find it anywhere anymore.

    She was blaming me that I pull the drive off while one of the program in the folder was opened. But I don't think that would do anything to make the whole folder disappeared in the flash drive. In fact I don't even think this will delete the program that is opened, worst case was she lost the last part of work.

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    The reason things like what robphy pointed to can work is that because (in Windows at least) "deleted" does not mean "erased" it just means that the pointer information that tells where something IS on the drive is told not to point to anything so that the space is freed up for new use. IF there has not been anything new put on the drive that overwrites the old stuff, then recovery is possible but if lots of new stuff has been put on the drive then you may be out of luck.

    It also depends of course on HOW it was "deleted". I'm assuming that a delete command was executed on it whether you or your wife are conscious of having done that. If, on the other hand, it really is a drive failure, you may be out of luck in any case since it may not be just the pointer area that failed.
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    I would definitly suggest Photorec as robphy suggested you look into, i have used this program many times on usb drives that no longer work, same with dvd's cd's flash cards camera cards ect practically every form of data. it has worked to beyond belief many times.
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    To update the situation. That memory stick lost another file, the stick is bad. It is destroyed and end of story. Thanks for all your time.
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    sometimes USB drives lose the solder connection with the main board inside. you may be able to bend it slightly in one direction and it may work, ive seen all of this happen before and it really just teaches us we need to back up everything that is important. on more than one type of media on different computers there does come a point where backing up can be over the top but personally i backup to at least 3 different places and each month save files to bluray/DVD/CD as they are in my opinion the best form of backup plus when they go south and stop working that photorec program seems to be able to pull everything important back
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