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Recover is an American rock band from Austin, Texas.

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  1. shivajikobardan

    MHB How do I minimize/prevent AND recover from burnout from studying?

    TLDR-: student who feels like doing nothing eg not like to even read a page during some days. Used to happen a lot during exams. Is happening since 15 days, visited doctor, started taking meds. Meds might be doing their work. I need some guidance and advice that I might be missing. 1) I am...
  2. M

    Schools Can I recover from this poor performance in my 5th semester?

    I currently attend a very large state school which is one of the best physics schools in the state, and I'd say ~top 50 in the USA, and I am working towards an honors bachelors of science in physics. I am in my 5th semester, which at my university means E/M I, CM I, Math Methods II, as my core...
  3. R

    Solar PV:What happens to the lost energy?inductive recovery?

    Hi there, I am new in here, thanks for any reply. I took same title of a previous closed 3D by pranj5. As understood main part of the energy absorbed by PV panels goes in reflection and heat. The heat origins mainly in electrons that are excited but not enough to jump or they jump but they...
  4. B

    A Recovering Wavefunction in Periodic Ab Initio Calculations

    In ab initio calculations for periodic systems, only an irreducible K grid is used for calculation, and consequently only those K points have their wavefunction calculated. My question is, how to recover wavefunction at other K points not included in the irreducible K grid? Similar questions to...
  5. jamalkoiyess

    Studying How to recover in a Quantum mechanics course

    Hello PF, I am currently taking a course on quantum mechanics that is following Griffiths' textbook (page by page). The first exam in the course coincided with two other courses (analysis and probability theory) and so I did lack a bit of training while doing it (the required material was from...
  6. J

    Programs How to recover GPA in order to apply to Master's programs?

    I'm an undergrad aspiring to be a candidate for a MS in Medical Physics. I came into freshman year as a physics major, did poor in my first physics class, and changed my major to business. After realizing that was a mistake after a year, I switched back to physics. My Major GPA is a 2.0 after 10...
  7. Tspirit

    How to store an audio voltage signal and recover it?

    I am doing an experiment in which an audio voltage signal can be obtained and saved as .csv (or other formats) by oscilloscope. In a second step I want to recover it into audio voltage signal and input it into a loudspeaker. Then how can I do in the second step? Or how to transverse a .csv (or...
  8. P

    I Using prior knowledge to recover signal

    I have a signal corrupted with normally distributed uncorrelated white noise. The noise has zero mean and known variance sigma1. I'd like to recover the signal as far as possible. However, the only thing I know is that the signal itself is normally distributed also, with mean zero and known...
  9. J

    How can I recover my .tex file after a computer crash?

    I was doing some work using Texmaker and my all of a sudden my keyboard stopped working and my mouse stopped working. But I know that I had just saved the file, so I restarted my computer. But now when I open up the .tex file to continue my work it is completely blank. It says that I have about...
  10. oilyardm

    How to recover deleted files from Android SD card?

    Anyone has the suggestion on this? I deleted a couple of photos stored on SD card and i heard it's highly possible get back them. Actually, I tried a few 'so-called' data recovery apps, none of them work. Do you guys have any recommendation on this? thanks in advance
  11. F

    Lost PST files after format - how to recover deleted files?

    Hi guys, I've accidently formatted my PC with lots of PST files which were on drive c:. I REALLY need to recover them ASAP. Which tools can I run in order to recover those files? I've already tried the following: 1) Recover my files 5.x - both full partition recovery and PST file 2) Hetman...
  12. eukithor

    How to recover a corrupt 2007 Outlook pst file

    I renamed a pst file on our server. I didn't make sure that Outlook was closed. I went to rename the pst and it corrupted the file. How can I get this to read as a .pst file again.
  13. D

    How to Recover Data from a CD?

    Hi, I have CD. But today I can't read the files on it. The content of CD is very important for me. How to recover data from CD? Thanks,
  14. binbagsss

    Deriving Schwarz Metric Weak Limit: Carroll's Lecture Notes 1997

    I'm looking at Carroll's lecture notes 1997, intro to GR. Equation 7.27 which is that he's argued the S metric up to the form ##ds^{2}=-(1+\frac{\mu}{r})dt^{2}+(1+\frac{\mu}{r})^{-1}dr^{2}+r^{2}d\Omega^{2}## And argues that we expect to recover the weak limit as ##r \to \infty##. So he then...
  15. MTd2

    How to recover time paradoxes in canonical theories of gravity?

    Canonical theories of gravities imply a foliation of spacetime into 3 hypersurfaces, each one labeled by time and related by lapse functions. It happens that this makes time unlike space, which is bad, since in GR, time is another coordinate. It also makes closed time like surfaces to...
  16. Gh778

    Recover energy from unique temperature

    Why is not possible to use this simple cycle for recover energy from unique temperature ? 1/ (first drawing) For limited friction I think it's possible to put outside pressure of 10 nPa. The speed velocity of the cylinder is constant, I think it's possible to use small speed like 20 m/s but...
  17. Y

    How to recover lost folder in the flash drive ( USB stick)?

    My wife lost a file that she worked directly from a flash drive. Somehow, the whole folder disappeared. Is there any way to recover that folder? Problem is she did not work off the C drive where even you accidentally deleted it, you can find it in the trash bin. She worked directly off the...
  18. N

    Need reaction to recover Sulphur from Sulphur Dioxide

    What reaction or series of reactions can I react SO2 gas with that will strip off the O2 and leave me with elemental S? It seems most reactions will just make a sulphates etc.
  19. C

    Can a Matrix be Recovered from Eigenvalues Alone?

    Hello Is it possible to recover Matrix from eigenvalue alone? that is, A = PDP^-1,,, once only D (eigenvalues) is known,, without knowing eigenvectors, is it possible to recover A? Thanks P.S. I will appreciate if you can provide me with some algorithms about recovering original...
  20. QuarkCharmer

    How to recover from a miserable professor.

    I have a miserable professor. It's an easy lower level course. Half of the class has already dropped. I cannot afford that option, as it would put me under full time. I am essentially teaching myself the material with the help of some friends of mine who have taken it previously. I am not...
  21. M

    How to recover comoving quantities

    Hi, I have a little problem, I'm using a code to run cosmological simulation and I have to recover the physical unities of every quantities. The problem is that there isn't a proper guide for this program. I try to explain. All I have for every output/redshift is: aexp unit_l unit_t The...
  22. B

    Use of FFT to recover parameters of waves

    Hi, everyone: As I am sure will be clear from my post, I am not--nor have I ever been-- an EE :). (For the sake of giving some context to help taylor the answer, I am a mathematician-in-training. I only know the most basic ideas of signal-processing but I do know...
  23. C

    News Could Significantly Upping Defense Spending Help the Economy Recover?

    So I've been thinking, many on the left say we need massive economic fiscal stimulus to recover the economy. They say the reason fiscal stimulus hasn't worked in the past is not enough money spent. However, they say WWII represents a time when the nation finally did spend the massive amount...
  24. G

    Testing How to recover from a poor SAT score

    Got back my SAT scores. I did absolutely horrible i got a 1390 out of 2400. This is my first time taking this exam so hopefully next time I will excel in it. Is the ACT a better exam to take? I don't know what happened I am self studying for the ap physics B exam, I took physics honors last...
  25. T

    Lost Video File: Help Recover It!

    I got a voicemail on my phone this morning from a girl who was working on a video for a friend, and she accidently saved over her file with basically an empty version. She was wondering if there was anyway to get back the file she was working on. I was looking into programs like "Recover my...
  26. K

    Can Data be Recovered from RAM?

    Data Recover from RAM ?? Is it possible to recover typed data from RAM ?? If so, how? N if possible ... won't the data be erased/overwritten when i boot my computer ? Plz reply. Very urgent! thanx in advance!
  27. L

    Help, any way to recover lost password for Winace?

    Yeah, so I am not too smart as I encrypted a file in Winace and now have forgotten the password for it. Are there any programs out there to get the pass or get through it, or any other way in which to access the files now that I forgot my password? Thanks in advance for any help you can...
  28. E

    What would I do to be able to recover the silver metal?

    If I have a solution filed with silver ions. (Ag, dissolves in water) What would I do to be able to recover the silver metal?
  29. E

    How to Recover a Riber MBE System with Missing Electrical Information?

    I found a MBE system (second-hand, but look good) producted by Riber company. I'm trying recover it but i don't have any infomation about its electrical system. If anyone have experience in using MBE system, please help me. Thanks.