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"Lost!" is a song by the British rock band Coldplay. It was co-produced with Brian Eno and Markus Dravs for the band's fourth album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. The song was released on 10 November 2008 as the third official single from the album to generally positive critical reviews. A live version was released via download following a performance of the band and Jay-Z at the 2009 Grammy Awards, spurring high digital sales and giving "Lost!" a new peak at number 40 in the United States.
Several official versions of the song exist, including vocalist Chris Martin's separate recording with a piano accompaniment (known as "Lost?") which appears as a B-side for "Violet Hill", and a rap rock version that features Jay-Z (known as "Lost+") which appears on their 2008 EP Prospekt's March. The accompanying music video to the single features a live performance of the band in the United States. Coldplay launched a contest through their website, in which fans submitted self-made music videos. The winning entries were posted on the band's website.
The song was used in the 2010 film The Way, and was also included in NBA 2K14.

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  1. O

    MCNP Help: 10 Particles Lost

    In my intro class, I am trying to design for radiation sources. Currently, I am trying to plot the flux from neutron and photon source locations progressively moving further and further away, however the code is not running and it says "geometry error: no cell found run terminated because 10...
  2. T

    Recovering Lost Messages: Tips for Retrieving Missing Conversations

    I recently went to look for a conversation I had a while ago and found that all my conversations had vanished. Any hopes of getting these back?
  3. A

    Help debugging MCNP code - particle lost and zero latice element found

    I keep getting particle lost error even though there were no hole in the lattice. Can someone identify any mistake in my code?
  4. Eclair_de_XII

    I've been feeling lost as of late.

    Even after I had moved, I still felt like I didn't really have a purpose in my life. I was just fooling myself into thinking that moving away from my previous living arrangement would enable me to figure out what it is that I want. In truth, when I moved away almost a year ago, all I did was...
  5. mathbrain9

    Link between increase in Potential energy and the thermal energy lost

    "Heat is the transfer of kinetic energy between molecules. If the velocity is more, the kinetic energy will be more so that the heat is more." "As an object's speed increases, the drag force from the fluid increases exponentially. For example, when you drive at high speeds, the frictional force...
  6. G

    Lost at Sea ~ The Nantucket story

    Was it that they were lost at sea for 91 days? Did they have lemons? From what I understand, (1) people do not die of hunger, but (2) they will die without water, even though (3) they cannot survive on water alone in the long run because, (4) at the very least, scurvy will kick in. I think...
  7. lee6853

    [MCNP] Lost too much Keff with Burnup card

    Hi there! Me again. I am doing my research about converting HEU research reactor to LEU. I made FA and core finally and started using the burnup card to check changing of Keff and fission products. Well, the thing was only with one-month burnup my Keff was decreased drastically from 1.118 to...
  8. H

    A Is there a lost information paradox for quantum physics?

    Hi Pfs, When Stephen Hawking proposed the idea of black hole information it appeared that information could be lost. it was a problem in GR which is a dererminitic theory. Knowing initial data and Hamiltonian tells you what was and will be. It is not the case in quantum physics. things evolve...
  9. jedishrfu

    Music We Lost Another Great Icon of Music of the 1960's: Judith Durham

    We lost another great icon of the 1960's: Judith Durham of The Seekers https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/judith-durham-the-seekers-australia-singer-dead-obit-1393839/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judith_Durham Most famous song was Georgy Girl: and my two favorites: It Doesn't...
  10. shivajikobardan

    Studying I feel I have lost it. How do I be dissolved in studies again?

    I don't know how much this relates to this subreddit. But I feel I have lost my peak learning form. I used to get dissolved in studies. And I used to love whatever I am studying. I used to understand everything. Nowadays my problems-: 1) I simply can't focus properly. I need to study in laptop...
  11. Melbourne Guy

    Our space ship has lost power, what happens now....

    I'm about 25,000 words into my latest novel and the story arc is coming together nicely, but one aspect I need thoughts on please is what would happen inside a spaceship that has been grievously damaged in battle to the point that it has been abandoned by the fleet as a 500m long wreck...
  12. halibut

    I Lost Aspheric Lens Design Equation Found

    Hi all, I was interested in ideal shapes for lenses and Google popped up this very old thread: "Mathematical shape for a lens with no spherical aberration"A member named Redbelly98 replied (<link>) with a now-broken link to a Thorlabs page that gave an aspheric lens equation. Took a minute...
  13. G

    MHB Please, I fast. I'm totally lost....

    Problem: "There are 40 yellow, green and red candies in the basket. If all the yellow candies were replaced with green candies, there would be 7 times more green than red candies in the basket. If we replaced red candies with green candies, there would be 4 times more green candies in the basket...
  14. S

    I Information lost at the Big Crunch?

    Let's imagine for a moment that the universe stopped expanding somehow (even though the evidence we have suggests this is not going to happen) and gravity made it contract until reaching a Big Crunch state. According to our actual understanding of physics and our current working models, Is it...
  15. A

    MCNP6: Getting a "10 particles got lost" error

    MCNP6 gives me a "10 particles got lost" error when I try to run the attached input file modeling a 3x3 fuel lattice surrounded in coolant. As I understand it, this error is usually related to the geometry/surface definitions of each component, but I'm unsure of what the source of the error is...
  16. Tea_Aficionado

    Why don't we account for energy lost in collision here? SHM

    We know that the Ug is converted to KE and Us. I thought that since the system loses energy after the collision that we shouldn't use the equation hnew= delta x + h. I thought instead that maybe the h we should use is xmax, because that's when there is maximum Ug and there is no other energy...
  17. W

    (App for) Tracking Lost Android Phones?

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a free/cheap app to track lost Android phones? Did a search and saw a few sources but wanted to see if someone here can personally recommend. In case it helps, its an LG K8.
  18. nazmulhasanshipon

    Comparing energy lost by the battery & energy gained by the capacitor.

    Imagine the two terminal of a *parallel-plate capacitor* are connected to the two terminal of a battery with electric potential difference #V#. If the capacitance of the capacitor is #C#, and the area of each plate is $A$. In this process would the energy lost by the battery and the stored...
  19. S

    Power lost during transmission

    The current in transmission cables = 20 MW / 240 kV = 250 / 3 A Power loss in cables =(250/3)2 x 20 x 103 = 139 MW , which is not possible Where is my mistake? Thanks
  20. M

    Lost in a physics career and willing to return

    Hello, I am remembering that I started a bachelor in physics from 2005/6, 15/16 years ago but I feel I got stuck in that, I graduated in 2012 after many personal struggles to cope with. I loved physics and the idea to find something new and it was hard to cope with the reality that there is a...
  21. fcici7

    Lost in the Distance: Navigating Measurement

    I tried finding the distance but I later on got confused.
  22. R

    Earth's rotation slows down slightly over time -- How much energy is lost?

    Inertia I = 2/5 mr² m=5.98* 10^24 kg. r=6.38* 10^6 kg. I= 9,736 * 10^37 kg. Earth rotation is V= (2 * pi* R)/T = (2*pi*6.38*10^6m)/(24*3600s)=463 m/s angular velocity w= V/r =463m/s/(6.38*10^6m)=7.27*10^-5 rad/s Enerrgy, E= 0.5* I*w²=2.57*10^29 j I get the...
  23. M

    MHB Least squares regression line (I'm very lost)

    Hi! Basically this is the exercise: Given the covariance of x and y is -12 and the variance of x is 6,5, using the least squares line of best fit connecting x and y yo estimate the value of x when y=15 x 2 5 9 7 9 10 7 y 25 17 11 10 8 7 13 any help would mean everything, I'm desperate :(
  24. G

    I How to stay warm lost in the wilderness in winter?

    This is a question that came up on the, Hiking Camping Forum. If your lost in the wilderness in cold freezing weather and you need to take advantage of anything to stay warm, if you need to pee should you get rid of it because it reduces body mass and your body can keep you warmer with less...
  25. dlgoff

    Is eBay Asking for My Social Security Number Now?

    I've never sold anything on ebay.com; only purchased. Now they are requiring my Social Security number evidently as an IRS requirement to make sure the IRS is getting their money from sales. Bye Bye Ebay
  26. BiGyElLoWhAt

    B Searching for a Lost PhD Thesis on Black Holes

    The paper is reasonably old and was written as a phd thesis by (I believe) a man from china. It was basically the first paper on the subject and in it he effectively (from what I understand) dropped particles into a black hole, counting the information added, and saw that the black hole changed...
  27. M

    Engineering Calculating Power Lost in a Resistor (within Transformer Circuit)

    Hi, I have a simple question that I don't have a fundamental understanding of: do resistors dissipate reactive power (in addition to active power)? For context, when we are looking at a transformer (single phase) equivalent circuit (similar to the one in the image attached), we are asked to...
  28. Evo

    History Lost ancient kingdom uncovered in Turkey

  29. entropy1

    I Does information get lost by measurement?

    If we consider quantum wavefunction-collapse, when we end up in a world-thread with a specific value of the measurement outcome, has information got lost?
  30. BWV

    B Lost in Math - Sabine Hossenfelder

    Opinions on the book? Enjoying it, but I am an non-scientist sympathetic to the notion that we may have reached the practical end of theoretical physics. I wonder what happens to the field as we reach the point where no working theoretical physicist has added anything that expanded our actual...
  31. P

    Lost significant figures through division by exact numbers

    I came across a significant figures problem today that I need information on. The problem is this: "What volume of water can a cylindrical container hold of it is 13.0 cm tall and 12.0 cm in diameter? Show your work and express the answer in scientific notation using significant figures." Of...
  32. R

    Find the energy lost of the system of a t-shirt cannon

    I don’t even know where to start. I especially don’t know how I would find the energy inside of the pump that would then be released to shoot a T-shirt.
  33. D

    Studying Just another lost undergrad noob fishing for advice

    My apologies if I'm doing this wrong, or posting this in the wrong place. Very new here. So anyway, I'm a sophomore physics major at tOSU and BOY OH BOY am I lost. I'm a high school drop out, and when I dropped out, I realized I liked physics and needed to know math to get to physics. I spent...
  34. W

    B Is information lost when a photon is absorbed?

    Suppose I fire a photon with an upward spin towards a hydrogen atom. It is absorbed by the hydrogen atom's electron which subsequently emits a photon when it returns to its ground state. I then fire another photon with a downward spin towards the same hydrogen atom and the same thing happens...
  35. RealKiller69

    Diffraction -- Calculate the interference lost orders due to diffraction

    I have calculated the diffraction part for each one of the slits but I am not getting any lost order.
  36. Marco Masi

    How much excess energy goes lost in solar and wind power stations?

    Since solar and wind power are fluctuating energy sources not all of it goes into the grid when the consumer power demand is lower than that actually produced. This is a well-known drawback of solar and wind energy that everyone talks about. What I never found is an assessment of how much of the...
  37. J

    Draytek 2926AC Port Redirection lost when Failover activates

    I have a DrayTek Vigor 2926AC router that has an Ethernet feed as it's primary WAN and a 4G router (factory default settings + APN) as the Failover WAN. I also have Port Redirection set up in the DrayTek 2926AC. When I disable the primary WAN, the failover WAN activates and the internet is...
  38. Jim Fern

    Energy lost through photon emission

    Hey guys, new here. Here is my first question for the forums: Let's say that I have a controlled environment for an experiment whereby I want to heat, say, one cubic centimeter of steel until it is white hot. Assuming that I have perfect containment set up for it such that no energy can be...
  39. Hugh de Launay

    I What happens to the energy lost by photons in gravity?

    After I read Martin_K's post of 4:14 Oct. 30 on the frozen image of an object just before it fell through a black hole's event horizon, the next few minutes I was jumped by a handful of related ideas. First, the frozen image scenario is illustrative because when photons are frozen in place...
  40. nomadreid

    I Decoherence: is "other states lost to the environment" part?

    In Wikipedia's outline of the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Many-worlds_interpretation, it states "In many-worlds, the subjective appearance of wavefunction collapse is explained by the mechanism of quantum decoherence,...", yet I thought decoherence...
  41. TechTree

    Is power lost in an AC adapter?

    Hello, so I'm rather new here and I was wondering when I plug a USB device into an AC adapter, such as a phone how does it output exactly 5.2V and 2A? I'm aware that it goes through a transformer and rectifier but I heard somewhere that when the voltage is reduced the current is increased? Does...
  42. R

    Solar PV:What happens to the lost energy?inductive recovery?

    Hi there, I am new in here, thanks for any reply. I took same title of a previous closed 3D by pranj5. As understood main part of the energy absorbed by PV panels goes in reflection and heat. The heat origins mainly in electrons that are excited but not enough to jump or they jump but they...
  43. MichPod

    I Is information lost in wavefunction collapse?

    Having in mind the idea that "information is not lost" (referring to the black hole information paradox), is not the same rule violated in the wave function collapse? I.e. during the decoherence process information is not lost as this process of entanglement of some object with its environment...
  44. J

    Energy Lost During Purely Inelastic Collisions

    I'm curious about how the math comes out when you apply conservation of momentum to the theoretical problem of a moving object having a purely inelastic collision with another stationary object in a single dimension. Since the velocity of the combined object is entirely determined by the...
  45. T

    What's the amount of energy lost in Total Internal Reflection?

    In Total Internal Reflection, the beam can still lose some energy as it reflects off the boundary of the medium it is within. This isn't covered under the Fresnel equations. The energy loss is probably lost in the form of evanescent waves. I tried searching for the formulae describing the...
  46. W

    "Lost" Content in Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi All, I somehow cannot see the content of an Excel data file; please see bottom of document listing average of 34133, count of 11199, etc. Yet the data is for some reason I can't figure out, not visible/available. This Excel 2010. EDIT: The saved file has 329KB of data. But only that which...
  47. felipe de carli

    Torque lost using Newton's law of viscosity

    Homework Statement Two circular plates, as indicated in the figure, slide one over the other. Calculate the torque lost in this situation. The rotation w of the internal radius of the plates R1, the outer radius of the plates R2, the absolute viscosity of the lubricant between the plates (η)...