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Fortran How to run command line scripts from within Fortran 90

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    I'm currently making a program which is a three body problem. I managed to get working results which I can plot to gnuplot. The question is, how can I write this within the program itself, so it can automatically plot the information to gnuplot if the user wants it to? (I'm being lazy :P)

    I know I have to create a script, which I have done, but I don't know the function in Fortran 90 which will allow me to call it and then run it automatically. I believe there is a function along the lines of get_command_argument (I tried this but it isn't a function) or something similar to that.

    Thank you for the help!
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    When you do this on UNIX be sure to include a shebang as the very first line first column of your script. This makes the script run with /bin/whatevershell rather than /bin/sh. Which is the default whenever no shell is specified. Example:
    Code (Text):
    runs the bash shell to execute the script
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