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How to run two processors in parallel?

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    I have a laptop computer, core 2 duo processor. I have another intel processor with me. How if I want to run these two processors in parallel? Is it possible? How so?

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    I'm not aware of any lap top that supports multiple processors. Multiple processors need some pratical means of sharing memory, which is included on Intel Xeon processors, but that functionality is removed or disabled from most other Intel processors, such as Core i3, i5, i7, ... . AMD Opteron processors can also share memory. You'd also need a server type motherboard that also supports multiple Intel Xeon or AMD Opteraon type processors.
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    Desktop/Notebook chips cannot be run in parallel. There are no motherboards that support it for the reasons that rcgldr noted.
    To run a system with more than 1 chip, you must have a motherboard that supports it && you have to use a server CPU like Intel Xenon or AMD Opteron. Regular desktop/notebook CPU's cannot be used in the manner you want.
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