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Homework Help: How to solve a problem like this

  1. Dec 21, 2008 #1
    How would you solve a problem like this. Im assuming its torque. You have to find the mass of the box on the left. Thanks for the help.

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    Doc Al

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    I guess it is a continuation, but i just wanted to draw out the problem. I am trying to solve for the unknown mass which is placed on one side of the balance. The things i know are the mass of the object on the other side, the angle the unbalanced balance is at, the distances the objects are from the fulcrum. If I posted incorrectly, forgive me it is my first time, and i will get better. Thanks for all the help
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    Hi gallimaufry! :smile:

    Yes, it's torque (or moment) …

    in equilibrium, the moment on each side must be the same

    (but the angle makes no difference … the only reason why you have to get the scale arm horizontal when you're weighing is because you must use the same fulcrum point each time, and the fulcrum isn't a perfect point)
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