How to solve Chips in milling machine?

  1. 1)Anyone can figure out the chips problem due to milling a glass material BK7.?
    2) I am using Ichikawa Milling machine where the table rotate and the spindle rotate to mill the material. After do ralf cutting which I set the speed to 60. It produces chips on the edges of the piece.
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    Welcome to PF, Wise. You might need to clarify your question. I've had limited experience with machine tools, and your terminology is meaningless to me.
    I've never heard of 'ralf-cutting', and your number '60' could mean anything from rpm's to depth of cut in thousandths. Please be more specific.

    edit: As to the '60', I know that you said that the speed was set to '60', but that could still indicate a progressive depth vs. time as opposed to just rpm's.
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    First thing I would try is to take a lighter cut at a higher speed with a slower feed rate.
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