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How to solve volumetric heat production formula

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    For spherical geometry, how can we solve volumetric heat production formula ? q=(Σ*Φ*A*C)/V for example if triso fraction rate is five percent of total fuel rod volume, how can we calculate volume (V) in the formula?
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    What are A and C? What is the basis of Σ?

    Given q=(Σ*Φ*A*C)/V, then V = (Σ*Φ*A*C)/q.
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    A, first-wall surface area [cm2]. C, energy conversion factor (constant),200 [MeV] x 1.602189.10-13[J]. Σ, integral fission rate in the first fuel row [fission/neutron]. I want to ask that whether should we use V*(5/100) or only V while we find q ? Because of core fraction rate in fuel rod. In terms of above example.
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