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Testing How to study for physic final exam?

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    What is the best way to study this subject???
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    If your final is going to be in the form of applying concepts to problems, then you need to do problems to practice for it. There's no other way to do it and ensure that you are comfortable with the subject.

    Do old problem sets, do review problems if you're given them, do extra problems from the book.
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    build yourself one cribsheet with all the equations...then study/review from it...and if your school allows bring it to the exam(if not do not tempt it)...

    While your writing the cribsheet you'll hopefully see physics as a whole picture...i suggest folding the paper into boxes then label each box a different section adn chapter...

    hopefully your textbook will be suffice in giving examples.
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    This may not be suitable but I think the best way to prepare for the final is to start on day one! By that I mean put yourself into it from the very beginning. Work toward a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts by (a) working out as many problems as you can and (b) pushing the concepts to their limits to find out when they hold and do not hold -- and why!
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