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How to Study for Quantum Physics

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    Hi, I am a sophomore physics major taking Introduction to Quantum Physics and I was wondering how in the world to study for my final that is coming up in a few days. I really find the subject interesting, but when it comes to studying, I do not even know where to begin. Our final is going to cover 3d Schroedinger Equation, spin, quantization of angular momentum and the like and I honestly just have no idea how to tell if I am ready for this final or not. I really want to do well (especially because in this class we only have two exams) and I was just wondering if any of you guys had any advice for me. Thanks alot for your time and I appreciate whatever you have to say. (And just to tell you guys, I haven't slacked in this class, so I'm not writing this because I was stupid and haven't done any work in the class till now) Thanks!
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    I would spend the time until then working problems, even redoing the problems you've already solved for class. Look through the problems in the book that weren't assigned. Making your own summary of the material on a several notebook pages might be helpful.

    Actually, since you only have a couple days left, reworking the assigned problems may be the best use of your time.
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    If you have only a few days left, I suggest that you just relax. Re-read the notes as suggested above. Tedious studding before a test makes me feel tired and not feel like taking it. Well, that’s how I work though.
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    do practice problems until you can't write anymore or pass out, worked for me
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