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I How to synthesize quantum circuits?

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    I wonder if anyone can explain how to actually synthesis a quantum circuit, what I mean by this is that given some requirements, I am able to write the matrix form of the circuit needed, but I have no idea how to turn that into a list of gates.

    For example:
    Build a circuit that performs the exclusive or operation on three qubits $$ |abc\rangle \rightarrow |ab\rangle\otimes|a\oplus b\oplus c\rangle $$ looking at a truth table for the circuit I can see that when a and b are the same then c is conserved, otherwise c is flipped so I can deduce that if I connect c to a controlled not where a is the control and another controlled not where b is the control I get the desired operation.
    That said if I try and write the matrix form of the circuit I have no idea how to manipulate it so it looks like the repeated application of controlled not gates.

    BTW this is not a homework question but I am not sure this is the correct forum either so feel free to tell me and I"ll delete the post.
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