How to tame a wild possum or chipmunk

  1. i have a wild possum that i have been feeding every nite for 4 months and i am wondering how to make her a pet?
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    Possums are quite trusting, and I would like to train one, but at this latitude I see them infrequently. At our old house, we had a "regular" possum at our bird-feeder and he'd show up with a friend every night. He would show up in the company of a feral cat, a skunk, or even a 'coon, eat his fill of sunflower seeds, and move along.

    Training chipmunks is easy, especially if they are females. Female 'munks need access to a lot of clean store-able food so that when they give birth in the winter they have enough food in their larder to wean all the babies. I can hand-train a female chipmunk in less than 1/2 hour, tops. Sit quietly with some sunflower seeds near you until the 'munk will come and take the food, fill her face and leave to store it. Move the food closer to yourself and repeat. Then leave the food in your hand, holding your hand palm-up and open on the ground. When she is comfortable taking food from your hand, rest your hand on your legs, so that she has to climb onto you to get it. From there, it's easy. Chipmunks recognize you, and will willingly climb your clothing and dive into your pockets looking for food when they see you.

  4. i was going to write something funny about chipmunks diving into pant pockets looking for nuts, but I can't think of anything.
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    Thank you!

    People seem to think that they just give out these humour badges like Hallowe'en candy. It's a lot of hard work. (You're looking to snipe mine, aren't you? :grumpy:)

  6. My Dad had a black walnut tree in his yard and would rake up all the walnuts so the wouldn't mess up the yard and put them in a large garbage can. He started feeding them to squirrels and soon gave bags of them to my wife to feed squirrels also. At some point I decided to see if I could get them to eat out of my hand. They did without much hesitation. One even crawled on my hand, took one of my fingers in his mouth and I could feel his tongue tasting my finger. Then he took the walnut and ran off.
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    You're lucky that he was friendly. I caught a squirrel by hand when I was about 15 (I don't know whether it was really young, or retarded, or what, but I just sneaked up and grabbed it). If you've ever had an accident with a staple remover, you know what it's like when those incisors get a grip on you. They just slice in from top and bottom, pass each other, and then lock together like Vise-Grips.
    It would probably go over very well in the right sort of nightclub. Half a kilo of animated fur as a new piercing would be a groundbreaking fashion statement.
  8. wow thank u all for ur feed back this is so awsome im going to start doing these things . thank u again and i will keep u posted thx
  9. I had two possum pets at various times when I was a kid. They tame almost instantly, and don't bite (well, mine never did). They are not polite housepets, my mom made me keep them and their poop outdoors. Mine lived in a cage, but I suppose you could tame them similar to chipmonks to live wild but eat from your hand. They love canned dog food. Don't become too attached to them, as they have a very short lifespan.
  10. The possums in America are opossums. "Possums" live in Australia.

    People keep these things all the time. We have a local pet store that sometimes has babies, as well as skunks and ferrets and other like-minded animals. You can even litter train them. Look up how to rear a ferret and I imagine an opossum is very similar.

    Personally, I can't stand squirrels, opossums, armadillo's. The squirrels here will dig into your attic and ruin your home badly. The opossums are all over our trash, and the armadillos are brave. They will confront your dog!
  11. Well congrats.
    Next is the tough part - you have to live up the the badge.
    Do not fail us now.
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    I'm trying... really. :frown:

    It would be a hell of a lot easier if everyone was as easily amused as Lacy is. :devil:
  13. And I'm sliding out of the chair unable to breath....... laughing.
    Good bye Danger, good bye family....................................

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :yuck: CLUNK!
  14. You mean he is trying to squirrel away with your nuts? Give him a jaw breaker.
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    Owwww.... :eek:
  16. NO! Not like that!!!! A candy. You know the kind you suck on for a long time. :redface:
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    I'm impressed. Given Jerry's age, I rather expected that you would be more accustomed to Gummy Worms. :uhh:
  18. :bugeye:

  19. Dear OP Animallover45,
    I guess we will see if it's possible to tame a wild animal. :biggrin:
  20. Considering OP Animallover45 hasn't yet returned to keep us posted, maybe he's already found out... in a bad way. Maybe with that friendly grizzly or black widow (our most recent friend is a really large orb spider (not black widow) that has taken residence over our front door).
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