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How to use Quantum computing language (qcl5.0.)

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    Can you show me how to use quantum computing language ?
    I have download qcl6.0 but i dont know how to use it ?:confused:
    and have you know any solfware can simulate quantum structure ?
    help me if you can
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    Where are you ? May be my question are stupid ? but can you tell the way to study about this problem ?
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    Can you help me ? :cry:
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    Here's an intro to quantum computing:
    If you've downloaded QCL 0.6.1 from http://tph.tuwien.ac.at/~oemer/qcl.html#doc then you've downloaded what seems to be an open source compiler for QCL which i imagine can allow you to write programs in QCL (assuming you use a small number of qbits of course, otherwise your program might not terminate in your lifetime).
    Not really of much practical use but very interesting from a theoretical perspective. If you don't have a background in Computer Science then QCL might be quite a challenge as most of the tutorials and documentation already assume some knowledge of classical computing.
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    Hi Job,thank you very much , it is a long time since last time i studied quantum language . i am very happy when you answer me,before i read your post i think i should write a program which simulate quantum computer for use quantum computing language , now i think i should study your project and developt it
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