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How we transform enery into mass?

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    hi every one
    please i want to ask aquestion
    how we transform enery into mass?
    please iwant the reply by the details
    thaaaaank you
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    doyou neda detailed bluprintof a plant thtis capbleof cnverting masinto enery?
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    Do you mean on a large scale? The only examples of people purposely converting energy to mass are small scale physics experiments.

    Some details on electron-positron pair production can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_production.
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    thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you
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    To transform energy in mass one needs to create a particle and it's antiparticle from energy...then separate them before they recombine.....Al68 posted the only 'observed' example I know.

    In theory, Hawking radiation results from particle/antiparticle production.....you can read about that in Wikipedia for an explanation....essentially an intense gravitational field separates the pair and we observe one as real and the other "disappears" beyond an event horizon...."we" don't have experimental proof of that and certainy don't know how to do it ourselves.
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    Hi Naty1 What I got from the article was there have not been actual photon-photon creations of particle anti particles observed but I am not to sure of my reading. DO you know have these actually occured in cloud chambers?
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