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How will the advent of quantum computing impact the field?

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    As a senior in college studying IT , I am just learning the barebones principles about database construction, Object oreinted programming, with the intent of preperation for entering the job market. But I have always had a passion for Computers and technology in general. I understand that severeal major companys have highly experimental functioning quantum computers right now. As this is such a radically new concept and one thats yet to really been established I have recieved zero training in it at school. Wich I suppose is natrual, but also somewhat worrying if it is truly to "start a computing revolution" like its proponents claim.

    Due to the nature of the machines it seems like If they continue to improve them, it will be similar to the huge mainframe computers of the 1960s, basically opperating in very specific tasks in very carefully controlled laboratory like enviorments. Then again, its very hard if not impossible to determine the future of any invention, I dont see miniturization of these things any time in the next 30 years happening. I realistically expect that maby by the time I am preparing to enter retirement (21 years old now) that maby some firms will have them in data centers comercially availible to rent time on them to perform these extreme calculations like simulating molecules and such.

    maby im being too stingy with how fast it will progress though , becuase in my short time building computers I have seen obscene advancements. I remeber when I built my first comouter out of highschool , where 1 gb of video ram would be exxesive. where as today their are in home VR applications mandating 5+ gigs of vram.

    what are your guyses thoughts?
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    It is dangerous to make predictions for new technologies, but I think some things are a safe bet.
    Quantum computers have tremendous potential for certain types of applications. It's main advantage will be in finding the best (only?) solution to problems with a huge number of combinations of possible solutions. In that, it will surpass any traditional computer. You will probably see that in your career.

    Currently, even the simplest things are very difficult. Simple floating point calculations are difficult and how to program anything in it is another huge problem. Also, a lot of computer applications are I/O or memory limited. It doesn't have any advantage in those applications.
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