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Studying How would one prepare for mathematical physics?

  1. Nov 24, 2016 #1
    I'm taking mathematical physics and mechanics 1 next semester. What do you recommend to prepare? I've taken Calc 1-3, ODE, and (half) a semester of linear algebra. I dropped Linear Algebra midway through this semester because I wasn't prepared to take so many courses while working. Anyway, what do you recommend? I want to take a math course on top of these two courses next semester to supplement my knowledge. Do you recommend PDE, Linear Algebra, or Complex Variables? To be honest I'm a bit worried about math physics because although I am naturally good at math (not trying to sound arrogant - most people on this forum are naturally good at math!) I haven't been in a "heavy" math course since Calc 3 which was awhile ago so I have a lot of brushing up to do.
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    I would argue that you should study Linear Algebra, since it is important for almost any area of modern physics. Even if I don't know in detail what your courses in mathematical physics and mechanics will contain, you will at least need some basic understanding vectors, matrix algebra and linear spaces. If you consider to study more advanced courses in theoretical physics you will certainly need a solid understanding of linear algebra. It seems also difficult to study partial differential equations without knowing linear algebra.
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