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Hp vs rpm to displacement vs time graph?

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    Hello, I am a high school student trying to compare two motorcycles on a displacement vs time graph.

    The information I have is the mass of riders, mass of bikes, gear ratios, tyre circumference and dyno results indicating hp vs rpm. I am not taking air/rolling resistance into consideration and the run should start in first gear and use optimal shift points.

    What I've done so far is to create a acceleration(derived from hp, mass, gear ratio and tyre circumference) vs velocity(derived from rpm, gear ratio and tyre circumference) graph of the bikes for each gear. Plotted on one graph this shows me the optimal shift points(the points where the graphs overlap). I can also create a displacement vs velocity graph but cant think of how to relate this to a displacement vs time graph? General instructions will be much appreciated.
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    Take 1/10 second intervals.

    The initial speed is 0m/s.

    You need to figure out the acceleration rate at each 1/10 second interval, then add it's contribution to the velocity at the previous point.
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