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Human cloning was yet scientifically possible

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    I didn't even realize that human cloning was yet scientifically possible. I know that some scientists cloned a sheep many years ago. But other than that, I didn't know people could be plausibly cloned yet.
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    Re: Cloning?

    The technology to make human cloning viable isn't really availible but that by no means is to say that it's not scientifically possible.
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    Re: Cloning?

    A sheep is really no different (in terms of making a clone), than a human would be...so yes, it is certainly plausible.
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    Re: Cloning?

    I still can't figure out why it's banned everywhere beforehand. Whats the big deal? Too many Sci-Fi movies?
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    Re: Cloning?

    the cloned animals arent perfect copies of the original. The sheep picture we see when we google it was like the 300th trial before they finally got something that could grow up and didnt die. The theory and protocols used are extremely expensive and because of all the bans, no one has really made any significant efforts in improving the methods.

    It's ethical issues that prevents people from pursuing it
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    Re: Cloning?

    Are there countries where human cloning is not legally forbidden? If yes, why people who want to improve the methods do not move to those countries?
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