What is Cloning: Definition and 53 Discussions

Cloning is the process of producing individuals with identical or virtually identical DNA, either naturally or artificially. In nature, many organisms produce clones through asexual reproduction. Cloning in biotechnology refers to the process of creating clones of organisms or copies of cells or DNA fragments (molecular cloning).

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  1. Algr

    Writing: Input Wanted Clone Ship vs. Generation Ship

    We've just had an interesting thread about generation ships, but I don't think that that is the most reasonable way to colonize another planet. Fatal problems: - Crew may become chaotic and self destructive. - Crew may become so adapted to space as to be unwilling to return to a planet. -...
  2. S

    Questions Regarding Methods of Gene Cloning

    I have been told that the traditional restriction digestion cloning method, where you use restriction enzyme to produce sticky ends in the gene of interest and the plasmid vector, is vulnerable to contamination. The lecturer proceeds to conclude that Gibson Assembly Cloning is therefore a...
  3. Borek

    How can I clone a USB drive to a VFD file for use in Windows?

    I have a USB drive that I want to clone to a disk file to be mounted under Windows (so that I can send the file to people instead of sending them the pendrive itself). Doing so under linux is trivial with dd/mount, technically I see no reason why it couldn't be done under Windows as well, but I...
  4. BillTre

    Will Pet Cloning become the Test Bed for Vertebrate Germline Transformation

    After reading this NY Times article on the possibility of cloning pets becoming a viable business in China, I was wondering if it might also become an area where germline modification might be more extensively tested and worked out. Why this might happen in China: large size of domestic pet...
  5. Q

    The Ethics and Progress of Cloning: Exploring the Current Status

    I remember the moral dilemma of cloning animals some years back. Most scientists were against the idea of cloning animals or even people. There was real opposition towards the idea of cloning Dolly the sheep some years back. My knowledge ends with Dolly's cloning. What is the status of cloning...
  6. J

    Massive crayfish cloning themselves

    http://www.businessinsider.com/marbled-crayfish-clone-themselves-2018-2?utm_content=buffer44840&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer-bi http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/02/aquarium-accident-may-have-given-crayfish-dna-take-over-world These seem legit and not fake...
  7. .Scott

    B Physicists measure complementary properties using quantum cloning

    The title of this thread is the title to this Phys.org article posted today: https://phys.org/news/2017-08-physicists-complementary-properties-quantum-clones.html First, correct me if I'm wrong, but the problem is not that complementary states cannot be both measured, but that the there is a...
  8. Strilanc

    Understanding the optimal approximate qubit cloning method

    The paper Optimal Cloning of Pure States by R. F. Werner describes a method for approximately expanding an unknown state ##\rho## containing n copies of a qubit, so ##\rho = (\alpha \left| 0 \right\rangle + \beta \left| 1 \right\rangle)^{\otimes n}##, into a larger state with d more qubits...
  9. E

    Cloning orthogonal quantum states - circuit?

    Homework Statement Hey, the no-cloning theorem states, that arbitrary quantum states cannot be cloned by any circuit. It is, however, possible to clone orthogonal states. What would a circuit performing this action look like? Homework Equations Relevant equations: I am assuming you all now...
  10. R

    Gene Cloning Problem: Insulin Gene Multiplication Mistake

    Homework Statement Molecular cloning experiments are carried out to generate multiple copies of a gene of interest. In one such experiment carried out at a student lab, the gene coding for insulin is multiplied in a bacterial cell. In the screening step, the students realized that they have...
  11. G

    No-cloning and stimulated emission

    Hi, I'm trying to find out why stimulated emission (creation of an identical photon) doesn't violate the no-cloning theorem. There are lots of different opinions on this on the internet, e.g. "the second photon is not exactly identical, the energy is slightly different" or "since stimulated...
  12. Shivam Saluja

    Quantum Threshold Scheme , no cloning theorem

    A (k,n) quantum threshold scheme (QTS) as a method to split up an unknown secret quantum state | S > into n pieces (shares) with the restriction that k > n / 2 (for if this inequality were violated, two disjoint sets of players can reconstruct the secret, in violation of the quantum no-cloning...
  13. A

    What Comes Next After Secondary Education? A Senior's Dilemma

    I do not know what to write here, so I just going to say hi! I am Aura a senior 2016 and in this point of my life the time has come to make in my opinion "the most decisive" decision of my life.
  14. C

    The No Cloning theorem vs weak measurement

    Question: hypothesis Would it be possible to determine/ capture the total wave function of an ensemble using quantum tomography & weak measurement ? As seen in the following article.. Its been done on a photon.. My question is, could this same technique be done on an ensemble of particles...
  15. J

    Cloning: Aging Symptoms at 70?

    If I were to clone myself at the age of 70, would the child even though physically in the stages of childhood, have similar deterioration and symptoms of aging as me?
  16. G

    How to show that cloning by measurement is impossible?

    Hi, I know the common proof of the no-cloning theorem assuming the cloning apparatus acts unitarily on the system and leading this to a contradiction. But what about a non-unitarian apparatus that involves measurements? I'm pretty sure cloning is still impossible, but I don't know how to...
  17. R

    Can We Create New Organisms by Combining DNA from Multiple Sources?

    Hi guys, Biology is not my field but I was just wondering if it is possible to create a specimen using the DNA of more than two other different specimens of the same kind? I am not sure whether the techniques needed to create such a specimen is beyond our science today or not, but I've heard...
  18. DennisN

    Inverting the quantum cloning of photons

    Anyone keen on taking a bite at this? I understand what it's about (at least I think so), but I am certainly not qualified to evaluate it :shy:. "Inverting the quantum cloning of photons" (Sadegh Raeisi, Wolfgang Tittel, Christoph Simon) Arxiv: http://arxiv.org/abs/1111.7283 Article...
  19. W

    Cloning Coral: Replacing Depleted Colonies?

    How beneficial would it be to clone coral to replace depleted colonies?
  20. I

    Where Can I Find the First Paper on Cloning?

    I'm not getting much success with Google - does anyone know where I could find the first paper on cloning ever written?
  21. N

    Quantum cloning and disentanglement

    Hi, I have a question with regard to the outcome of approximate quantum cloning: For a general input state, it will always be entangled, right? Let s = a|0> + b|1> Then using say a Wootters-Zurek copying machine, we have: |s>|Q> -> a|0>|0>|Q_0> + b|1>|1>|Q_1> I need to perform some...
  22. Greg Bernhardt

    Could Mammoths Be Reborn in Four Years?

    Mammoth 'could be reborn in four years' What does everyone think of this? I remember hearing a while back it would take several generations of in between species or something before we got a full blown Mammoth! I think this could really boost zoo attendance :)...
  23. S

    Bacterial colonies in DNA cloning?

    If there is some identical bacteria in petri dish and you insert plasmids containing different DNA fragemnts. When bacteria that takes it up grows, do they grow in separate colonies. I mean does all bacteria that took plasmid A grow into one colony, and all bacteria that got plasmid B into one...
  24. S

    Sticky ends and blunt ends in DNA cloning?

    1. Ok in the plasmid we used the ECOR1 to create sticky ends. Now my question is when we add DNA ligase, why don't these ends stick back again. How are we able to add new DNA piece in between. Basically what I'm saying is when ECOR 1 creates sticky ends in plamids, why do they separate the...
  25. T

    Human cloning was yet scientifically possible

    http://en.rian.ru/russia/20100329/158353194.html I didn't even realize that human cloning was yet scientifically possible. I know that some scientists cloned a sheep many years ago. But other than that, I didn't know people could be plausibly cloned yet.
  26. P

    Cloning w/ Plasmid DNA: AmpR Gene Overlap Issue

    Homework Statement I have a problem that involves a plasmid DNA. The problem gives a plasmid diagram with the restriction sites and specifically tells me which restriction site the gene of interest would go. However, the restriction site is shown to be overlapping with the AmpR gene. Wouldn't...
  27. P

    Cloning Photons: Is State of the Original Determinable?

    Homework Statement A single photon is produced in an unknown polarization state. Suppose it were possible to copy (clone) this photon without knowing its state. (actually perfect cloning is impossible) By cloning you could produce a large number of identical photons. If you could clone...
  28. D

    No Cloning Theorem: Understand Why It Violates Uncertainty

    Hi everyone, I have couple questions about the no cloning theorm. It states that a quantum state can't be precisely copied. 1-Can you explain to me in very simple words why this theorm violat the uncertainty principle? 2-Also when I read the prove of the...
  29. V

    Advantages of multiple restriction enzymes for cloning

    why would utilizing duo restriction enzymes for cloning be better then just one? ( e.coli to pBluescript II )
  30. D

    Clone Non-Orthogonal Quantum States - Violate No-Cloning Theorem

    Suppose you had a divide which, upon input of one of two non-orthogonal quantum states \left|\psi\right> or \left|\phi\right> correctly identified the state. How could you use this device to clone these states (in violation of the no-cloning theorem)?
  31. W

    Could We Clone Dinosaurs from Fossil DNA?

    If a good sample of dinosaur DNA were found intact, could we make a clone? I know that the chances of finding intact complete DNA of a dinosaur is slim. A researcher recently claimed to have found likely dinosaur dna, although not complete enough for any hopes of cloning or anything. The...
  32. I

    History of DNA Cloning: Sources & Timeline

    if anyone can link me to websites explaining history of DNA cloning or showing a time line regarding DNA Cloning discovery i would appreciate it any sources regarding the cloning of DNA would be helpful. thx
  33. A

    History of Cloning: Learn About Cloning & Research Projects

    can some one tell the history of cloning to me? but i really want a nice project.or maybe someone send to me site about cloning.
  34. F

    Exploring the Effects of Cloning on Evolutionary Process: Expert Insights

    I was wondering what effect cloning will have (if any at all) on the evolutionary process. Would it increase life expectancy, using theraputic cloning? Assuming human cloning was given the all-clear, would we then go about cloning brilliant scientists, philosophers, etc to increase the quality...
  35. S

    Transporting machine(actually cloning machine)

    What I would do is create a cloning machine but sell it as a transporting machine. Do you get it? Not yet? Lemme explain it. You wake up, you go to school by transporting you, what is actually happening is it kills you and clone you to the school, you return form the school the same way. So...
  36. Mk

    Harvard Stem Cell Institute Researchers Cleared for SCNT Experiments | HSCI News

    http://www.news.harvard.edu/gazette/daily/2006/06/06-stemcell.html I'm for it, go cloning!
  37. P

    Basic understanding of how cloning is done

    I have a basic understanding of how cloning is done from here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloning but hypothetically, if I wanted to clone myself, would it be enough to get the nucleus of any of my cells and put it into the host egg? I thought only the sperm cell can fertilise the egg. Or is...
  38. K

    Reproductive cloning disturbed by interferences

    I wanted to ask the following questions about genetic engineering : 1) is reproductive cloning disturbed by interferences between the introduced nuclear DNA and the already present mitchondrial DNA ? 2) Do you know if test of chromosomial hybrid of animals were done : like putting some...
  39. O

    How close are we to successfully cloning a Woolly Mammoth?

    Mammoth Cloning - how close are we? You may recall the Woolly Mammoth excavated by an international team of scientists. This was an intact 20,380 year old carcass that was air lifted from the permafrost on the Taimyr Peninsula of Siberia. It was brought to Khatanga (northern Siberia) where...
  40. SOS2008

    Cloning Gone Wrong - ebaumsworld.com

    Okay, so I'm stuck here while my car is at the shop, and I decide to experiment with uploading files, then became distracted by this site... Since there are multiple jpgs that are already accessible via a link here's the address: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/cloningwrong.html...
  41. Zantra

    Should Cloning Research Be Banned Worldwide?

    http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/science/03/08/cloning.un.reut/index.html Bush is at it again...
  42. L

    Survey about Cloning - Gender, Age, Education Questions

    Survey Hi, I am doing a research on cloning. It would be highly appreciated if you could spend a few minutes completing this survey for me. Thank you! Basic Information: 1. Gender: 口Male. 口Female. 2. Age: 口Below 20. 口20-30. 口30-40. 口40-50. 口Above 50. 3...
  43. P

    The Ethics of Cloning: What Are the Arguments For and Against?

    To try to avoid a religious confrontation let's try posting 1) Yes or No (or undecided at the moment) and why we feel that way instead of reading what other people say and arguing with them over why they are wrong and you are right. I am undecided. I see some good and some bad that can come...
  44. mattmns

    Gathering Samples for Dog Cloning: What to Collect?

    What do I need to collect from my dog to be able to clone him? Blood? Saliva? If he were to die today would I still be able to collect whatever I needed? Would I need to refrigirate or do anything with this sample to ensure that it will work? Thanks.
  45. T

    Studied cloning the way it is done

    i just studied cloning the way it is done and the moral and ethical issues i was wondering what are the benefits anyway? a day without sunshine....is like.....well....scary!
  46. L

    The possible impacts of cloning technology on human society

    Greetings! Cloning technology has been developed so fast in recent years and it has drawn concerns from the public. Advanced technology has made cloning humans possible. In the future, there might be many clones of mine. Of course, this issue will certainly cause a lot of religious, ethic...
  47. L

    What Are the Ethical Implications of Cloning Humans?

    cloning human--pros and cons I'm not sure if this is a philosophical problem or not, but it is an ethical problem raised by bio-technology. Cloning technology has caused heated discussion about technology, ethics, religion, economy...etc. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this...
  48. B

    Cloning: Ethical or Moral Debate?

    After reading the synopsis of Robert DeNiro's upcoming film, Godsend, I am very curious as to how people feel about cloning. In the movie a couple loses their 8 yr old son and they want him cloned. Is this ethical/moral? Under what circumstances? Any thoughts/feelings/opinions on cloning?
  49. R

    Human Cloning: Sorting Fact from Fiction

    The Internet is loaded with distorted information about human reproductive cloning. There are four invaluable resources for those who want to hear the viewpoints of those favoring cloning. Check out all of them. www.reproductivecloning.net (probably the very best) www.clonerights.com...
  50. C

    Ethical Considerations of Cloning: Examining the Controversies

    Cloning, still a very controversial issiue, is a subject that has been on my mind for a little while now. I am not an Atheist, but I think it is worth bringing to the table here. Is it right to clone? Is an organism that is cloned supposed to have some moral issiues with its maunfacture? I...