What is Volt: Definition and 98 Discussions

The volt (symbol: V) is the derived unit for electric potential, electric potential difference (voltage), and electromotive force. It is named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta (1745–1827).

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  1. O

    I need help with a Baldor dc motor, 15kw 240 volt ,150 volt field

    I need help with a Baldor dc motor, 15kw 240 volt armature and 150 volt field, I don't need the 15kw and so want to feed it with 150 volts to both field and armature, does anyone know the effect this will have on the motor, can I cause damage, what would be the approximate power output, I know...
  2. K

    Is a 1 Ohm reading normal for a cold 12 volt thermistor?

    I've just joined the Forum and not sure if I'm in the right section (or possibly Forum even). The 12 volt thermistor in question is extremely common and is fitted to many makes of car and motorbike. They do fail from time to time however and so I set about determining if one is functioning...
  3. henriquevpp

    Why this Simple Watt Meter for a 220 Volt Circuit works?

    Hello guys! I'm just a begginer student. I found this circuit of a wattmeter that works only with resistors. Can someone explain to me how the 33k resistor give a voltage of 1 mV to 1 Watt? I did not understand why these resistor values has been chosen and why the it measures only in the 33k...
  4. T

    Why will 240 volt condenser kill me but not 7,000 volt electric fence?

    I used to attend an HVAC program at a trade school. One time my instructor and i were working on either the outdoor unit of a split-system heat pump or the condenser of a split-system straight air-conditioner. Even though the unit we were working on was either an "outdoor unit" of a heat pump or...
  5. J

    400 volt 3 phase 16 amp machine -- can it be used in the US?

    Maybe you can please give advice. I have a coffee roaster here in New Zealand I would like to bring to the US. It is 400 volt 3 phase 16 amp. It has a blower, a heater and computer components to run it. It is like a very large popcorn machine. Can this work in the US?
  6. J

    Electrical WIFI 120 volt AC run on 12 volt DC

    I am getting one of those $10 WIFI units from china runs on 120 volt AC and I want it to run off of 12 volt DC car battery I am thinking will need to open up unit and try to figure out what the DC voltage is that is coming from the AC supply unit and then insert a fixed regulator of 12 or 5...
  7. J

    Electrical Electric Hot Water Heater 2000 watt 220 volt run on 110 volt

    Will a hot water heater element that is rated 220 volt AC by 2000 watts when only applying 110 volt AC just put out 1000 watt instead?
  8. B

    How many times I can charge my 5000mah mobile from 12 volt 7ah battery?

    Please help me. How many times I can charge my 5000mah mobile from 12 volt 7ah battery. I will use dc mobile charger.
  9. L

    How to intuitively understand Voltage and how to measure it?

    I am trying to get a better intuitive understanding of voltage and how it is measured. Here is my understanding: Voltage shows the potential difference between 2 points in a circuit and a higher voltage correlates with a higher electromotive force (emf) that moves the electrons through the...
  10. J

    Old 6 volt auto headlight in series with 1154 on 12 volts

    If one hooks a 1154 and an old 6 volt automotive headlamp in series and powers it with 12 volts will the headlamp being that it is higher wattage cause all the current flow thru the smaller wattage bulb causing it to burn out?
  11. A

    Choosing a wind turbine generator

    I'm doing a school project in which I'm building a wind turbine. The next step for me is to choose a generator but I'm not completely sure what is right for me. I expect to come up to 300 rpm as an average and need the required voltage to for a car battery, which is around 14.4 volt. My...
  12. NTL2009

    Why such a large engine/generator in a Chevy Volt?

    I'm curious about series hybrids (Plug-In, or range extended EVs), and this has me wondering. I see that a 2016 Chevy Volt has a 53 KW generator and a 101 HP (75 KW) engine. It can run in full EV mode for ~ 50 miles, with reasonable acceleration and speed. Based on some approximations I've made...
  13. J

    12 Volt 100 Watt Bulb V 120 Volt Bulb 100 Watt

    Does a 12v bulb rated 100 watt give the same amount of light as a 120v bulb rated 100 watt?
  14. moenste

    Calculate the deflection sensitivity in mm per volt

    Homework Statement Describe a method by which the charge / mass ratio e / m of the electron has been determined. Calculate the deflection sensitivity (deflection of spot in mm per volt potential difference) of a cathode ray tube from the following data: electrons are accelerated by a...
  15. R

    Will this work say you have 4 each 6 volt batteries and 2 each 12 volt

    will this work say you have 4each 6 volt batteries and 2 each12 volt if you wire your 4 each 6 volts in a series- parallel so the 4each 6 volts are are now in princeable 2 12 volts wired parallel could we now add 2 12 volt batteries into the parallel giveing you a 4 12 volt battery bank
  16. Neil Hayes

    How to find volt drop per ampere meter?

    Homework Statement [/B] Determine the resistance of a conductor and the volt drop per ampere metre at 70°C for a 95 mm2 pvc/swa/pvc copper cable. The temperature coefficient of resistance is 0.004 per °C. Homework Equations [/B] R70 ( resistance at 70 degrees ) = R20 [ 1+( temperature...
  17. Kevin McHugh

    Exploring the Phenomenon of Electron Volt: Mass, Temperature, and Energy

    The electron volt can be defined as mass, temp and energy. 1 eV = 1.6022 x 10-19J 1 eV = 1.783 x 10-36kg 1 eV= 1.160 x 104K How can something with such small energy and mass exhibit such high temperature? 104K is white hot
  18. I

    Odd voltage reading from digital volt meter

    I have a three phase alternator and I used a digital voltage meter across the output terminal and the reading went from OL to 4000 volts to 3000 volts and quickly decreased to zero volts, then went through the range again starting from OL. It continued to do this, I thought the meter could have...
  19. Stephanus

    Exploring the Confusing Units in Physics: Electron Volt & Volt

    Dear PF Forum, I'm interested in the future. How mankind will benefit from fusion power. But there are some terms that I don't understand. Electron Volt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronvolt Volt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volt Perhaps this yes/no question will confirm my confusion...
  20. A

    Luminous intensity: from Volt to Candela/m2

    Homework Statement I use a probe for converting optical power to an electrical current. I need to convert Volt to candela/m2. The sensor, a photodiode, measure the brightness of the monitor leaning the probe on the glass (so there is no distance between the monitor and the sensor). The sensor...
  21. K

    How much current does a 36 volt golf cart battery draw?

    Hello forum. How much current does a 36 volt battery draw under a full load? (Scratch the word battery in this first sentence and replace it with motor). I know I could find it under manufacturers web sites, but I cannot seem to figure it out quickly.
  22. naiasetvolo

    Energy in a Capacitor: Explained

    why is the formula of energy in a capacitor E= C x U^2 /2 I understand it mathematically, but I do not understand it if you apply it to a real situation. Is there anyone who can explain that?
  23. naiasetvolo

    Why do we want to know how much a charge can be stored /V?

    Why do we want to know how much a charge can be stored per volt? What has the voltage to do with the storage of charge in a capacitor?
  24. A

    Synchronizing module lab volt Model 8110-20

    Hi I am Ken. Nice to meet you. I would like to get some info on this synchronizing module. It has a 3 phase lamp for synchronizing an alternator. Any knows what's the theory behind that flashing lamp? what if the lamp blink very fast or blinking slow? the reason is frequency is out of phase but...
  25. Ankhen

    Converting Coulombs to Joules Without Voltage

    Hi Is it possible to convert coulomb to joule without knowing volt?
  26. duhuhu

    28->24 volt regulator keeps blowing my 24->10 regulator

    Hey guys! I have been having a lot of problems with a board I am working on. The board was originally designed for 24 volts, but my input is 28 (non negotiable), so to make things easier than redesigning the whole power circuit, I am just doing a step down to 24 right when it goes into my box...
  27. M

    Good energy efficient motor to use with 12 volt battery?

    I am designing a fishing pontoon boat at home. I am wanting to build into the pontoons a small water jet engine on both sides. Does not need to be jet ski type speeds. Just looking for an energy efficient motor that will exceed trolling motor speeds and still be small. I am more of a do it all...
  28. P

    How to control the speed of 1.5 Volt motor?

    How to control the speed of 1.5 Volt motor?
  29. K

    Powering a Tesla Coil with a 12 volt battery--help--

    So I have been wanting to build a Tesla Coil for a while now, and I did not want to make a large one, just enough for a 4 or 5 inch spark. That being said I began searching the internet for designs when I stumbled upon the 12 volt battery variation. The idea is that the 12v battery would drive...
  30. ilovescience85

    Inductance, volt drop and time constant? Help

    Good evening all, I am looking for some clarity on a question I am answering at the moment. An inductor of negligible resistance and an inductance of 0.2H is connected in series with a 330ohm resistor to a 12v d.c. Supply determine: A - the time constant of the circuit B - the voltage...
  31. B

    Calibrating Equipment to Standard: Can A Volt Ever Be Accurate?

    I've worked in calibration for a few years and I know that my equipment has to be calibrated by a standard that is a certain amount more accurate than the piece of equipment I'm calibrating, but where exactly does it end where the most accurate piece of equipment is calibrated by the absolute...
  32. Infinite/Zero

    Confused High-Schooler Seeks Help Understanding Volt

    I am a high-school student. My Physics's teacher is not good,so I am here. Please anyone explain me "What is volt", so that I will have no confusion with Volt. I will be thankful to you if you clear my confusion.
  33. I

    OLED Watt, Ohms, and Volt Project

    Hi, I am in fact quite new to these forums but have been lurking for a while. I am trying to design a OLED reader that will display the watts, ohms, and volts after being read from a circuit. Almost exactly like this: Any ideas on where to start? I am not necessarily a novice when it comes to...
  34. Entanglement

    The original definitions of Ohm, ampere, volt and coulomb

    What's the original definition of Ohm, ampere, volt and coulomb, And which unit was defined according to the other ??!
  35. J

    12 Volt DC Connected to 120 Volt AC

    12 volts DC will travel thru a Diode connected to 120 volt AC , but will it put any load on the battery? John
  36. H

    Small size 2.2µF , 400 volt Capacitors

    Hello Guys, I am looking for an alternative for the big size electrolytic capacitors. Can you suggest me any alternatives or solutions. I need a small solution with dimensions of 2.2μ, and 440 volt. Thanks in Advance,
  37. L

    Design & Build a 12V Heating Pad - Advice Needed

    Hello I am not an engineer or an electrician. I would like some advice on designing and building a 12 volt electric heating pad. I am thinking I would like it to warm to 150-200 degree in 3-4 minutes, that is just a thought. Thanks
  38. M

    Difference between volt and current

    I've just been thinking about this for some reason and I realized I don't actually know... when you touch a live wire and you get electrocuted, is it the current or the voltage that gives you the zap? What causes the skin to burn when you touch it? I've seen electrical boxes that say 3,000...
  39. T

    Answer: Understanding Electron Volt Energy for X-Ray Machines

    Homework Statement Hi guys. X-ray energies are commonly given i nunits of "electron volts". 1 eV is the energy that an electron would have after being accelerated across a potential different of 1V and is equivalent to 1.601 *10^-19 In an x-ray machine an electron that is about to hit an...
  40. f95toli

    Cable/colour coding for a volt free connection?

    This is a more a question about rules/regulations than actual EE, but I figured this was still the best sub-forum. We are about to start renovating a house, and we will have to change a few things in the central heating system. One problem is that we somehow need to get a cable from the wiring...
  41. Z

    Understanding the Relationship Between Voltage and Weber Per Second

    How can I show that 1 volt = 1 weber / second?
  42. R

    Carbon footprint of Chevy Volt

    Hi all, I've heard people try to estimate the carbon footprint from the production of cars based on the cost of production. Can such an estimate be accurate at all?
  43. A

    Hydraulic Jack, Automatic 12 volt DC - College Project

    Hello Frnds, I am presenting my engineering final year project. It is a 12 volt DC hydraulic jack. This jack is made to lift light motor vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Its capacity can be increased by changing some parameters. The project consists of a 12 volt DC...
  44. C

    Is this a correct definition of one volt?

    One volt is when: The difference in (electrical potential energy per unit charge (q)) between two places equals one. Where electrical potential energy equals EPE at distance R from charge Q = (1/4piEpsilonNought) * Q/R Is this Correct? Thanks!
  45. A

    How to convert decibel micro volt per meter?

    anyone know how to convert decibel micro volt per meter to dbm?this term are using for rf electromagnet...tq..
  46. B

    Understanding Resistor Volt Drops

    I've come across a booklet on understanding electricity, and it's been very interesting, but I've hit a rut! The packet says that the sum of the voltage drops of resistors equals the source voltage. How is that possible? Were the voltage to continuously drop, wouldn't no voltage exist at all...
  47. C

    A 9 volt battery is hooked up to two resistors in series

    1. A 9 volt battery is hooked up to two resistors in series. One has a resistance of 5 ohms, and the other has a resistance of 10 ohms. Several locations along the circuit are marked with letters, as shown above. If the voltage is zero at the negative terminal of the battery, the voltage at...
  48. W

    Finding Current given kilo-ohms and volt

    Homework Statement What is the current in a 46 kilo ohm resistor with 150V across it? Given : 46 Kilo ohms 150 V Answers has to be in Amperes Homework Equations Use Ohm's Law R = (V/I) The Attempt at a Solution I converted the kilo ohms back to ohms so 46 * 10 ^ 3 is 46,000 ohms. Divide...
  49. H

    Automotive GM Volt / Vauxhall Ampera and series hyrbrid cars

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Volt In this series hybrid, engine and generator charge the battery and battery powers the motor, and can be made with components already available. The Ampera is claimed to do 175mpg (vs 40mpg on my current car). So I wonder why there aren't more cars...
  50. N

    Joules per Coulomb and the Volt

    Hey, A coulomb is the amount of charge that passes a point through a wire carrying one ampere for one second. Voltage is a measure of electrical potential energy in units of volts or joules per coulomb (energy/charge). Then 1 volt means 1 joule per coulomb; 2 volts mean 2 joules per coulomb...