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  1. L

    I How to intuitively understand Voltage and how to measure it?

    I am trying to get a better intuitive understanding of voltage and how it is measured. Here is my understanding: Voltage shows the potential difference between 2 points in a circuit and a higher voltage correlates with a higher electromotive force (emf) that moves the electrons through the...
  2. A

    Choosing a wind turbine generator

    I'm doing a school project in which I'm building a wind turbine. The next step for me is to choose a generator but I'm not completely sure what is right for me. I expect to come up to 300 rpm as an average and need the required voltage to for a car battery, which is around 14.4 volt. My...
  3. naiasetvolo

    Energy in a capacitor

    why is the formula of energy in a capacitor E= C x U^2 /2 I understand it mathematically, but I do not understand it if you apply it to a real situation. Is there anyone who can explain that?
  4. naiasetvolo

    Why do we want to know how much a charge can be stored /V?

    Why do we want to know how much a charge can be stored per volt? What has the voltage to do with the storage of charge in a capacitor?
  5. Ankhen

    How to convert?

    Hi Is it possible to convert coulomb to joule without knowing volt?