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Hypernova release two huge jets of gamma rays

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    I know that a Hypernova release two huge jets of gamma rays, but I'm not real sure on how they are formed. Also it was mentioned that by following the burst of gamma rays, we're looking back in time. How is this actually possible. I have a shaky grasp on the idea.
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    Re: Hypernova

    A hypernova is formed the same way as a supernova, its formed when a star known as a hypergiant at the end of its life collapses in and releases exeptionally bright gamma ray bursts that have the energy of a 100 supernovae.

    One theory says that these gamma ray bursts from the collapse of such a big star are so powerful that they may have caused a world wide extincition 440 million years ago that killed 70% of marine animals.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Hypernova

    The show that mentioned the Hypernova was "The Death Star". It said that using these gamma ray bursts as a lifeline, we could follow them back the the "Cosmic Dark Age". What does this mean?
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    Re: Hypernova

    Im pretty unsure what it meant by Death star though it may be something to do with it the extinction 440 million years ago, but the cosmic dark age happened at the beginning of the universe it was the time between when the universe cooled and when the first stars were formed meaning that at this time the universe was completly dark. I think the reason why it says about using a hypernovas gamma ray bursts lifeline is because at this early time there would have formed hyper stars and because these stars are so big they burn up fuel and die quicker. So the gamma ray bursts caused by these hypernova collapses in the early universe may be seen today and could be tell us about the conditions of the universe just when the dark age began to end.
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    Re: Hypernova

    Ok. Cool. Thanks.
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    Re: Hypernova

    Can you clarify 'they'?

    Are you asking how the hypernovae are formed, or how the gamma ray jets are formed?
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    Re: Hypernova

    "They" = Hypernovae - for clarification.......
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