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HyperVelocity Mass Accelerator-Helical Solenoidal Model

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    I have an idea about a mass accelerator, which can be used to accelerate mass, thus can work as a good substitute for the present chemical rockets in transporting space cargo to outer space.
    This model i propose of, consists of a tightly wound solenoid, which can be established permanently in the form of a 'snail-shell' type, or in a more clear sense, a Helical arrangement. Based on the principle of field existence in a typical solenoid, the space cargo can be accelerated using the magnetic field INside the coil when its excited. The cargo can be encased in a diamagnetic shell, to prevent any damage to the sensitive parts in the payload, due to the solenoidal field. This encased payload can be projected into the field from the external entrance of the helical solenoid,from where, the field accelerates it into the coil,i.e,the coil and its features shall be so designed that,ultimately,the payload needs to acquire velocity to "fly off" from the earth's gravity (need not essentially be the escape velocity of earth!,but probably a reasonably high value!), by the time it reaches the inner end of the coil, the payload would have gained enough velocity to penetrate out of the Earth's field.The entire establishment can be 'hermetically' sealed,i.e,its field influences are prevented from affecting anything in the outer environment.
    I invite any constructive sugggestions,help and ideas, or even criticism, on this, to help me develop this model.
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    Can you draw a picture? I'm not quite sure what arrangement you are proposing.
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    See, the physical look of the setup is lyk a helix.
    i mean a spiralling inside model.
    lyk u c, a snail's shell...it resembles a helix.
    my idea here is to project the payload into the helix from the outer end of the helix,and provide for an opening to the outer environment at its inner end.
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