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I am in a crisis of career path please some light.

  1. Jul 29, 2010 #1
    I am in a crisis of career path!! please some light.

    Hello. Im in a crisis, i want a career in wich i could work with renewable energys and something that really benefits society. I was thinking in electrical engineering becouse i enjoy physics and the practical part of mathematics, im not good in chemistry so i am kinda afraid of going in a field that requires a lot of chemistry and i dont enjoy it as much as physics. But in my crisis I was even thinking ¿if electricty is really indispensable? ¿does it really improve our lives?. I only left 1 month to decide so im kinda crazy. Please some light and opnions.

    This is the best forum i know so thanks anyway for all the suport and advices that i have recived from it. I even forgot my crazy idea of boxing becouse of the advices and warnings of people here that told me about brain damage and all =).
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    Re: I am in a crisis of career path!! please some light.

    Yes, electricity has become indispensable for our daily lives. Electrical engineers definitely contribute positively to society, and if you decide on that path you could be quite proud of that. Best of luck!
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    Re: I am in a crisis of career path!! please some light.

    Thanks a lot lisab =)
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