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I am majoring in computer engineering

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    and like my transcript is not flawless or anything, but my gpa is good I think.

    and when I say my transcript is not flawless, I mean I have a C and a couple of F's and I repeated a lot of courses... all that due to medical reasons. I aced some courses, because they let me make up certain exams, I failed some courses because they did not let me make up the exams, so whenever I failed or got a bad grade, it was because I simply did not go take the exam due to the health situation

    I am epileptic and I also have had too many psychological problems.
    and then my asthma would kick in once in a while.
    I get viral fever like on monthly basis or something ....

    now I am wondering, if my gpa is good, will companies I apply to still ask for transcripts? how many of them do? and how much importance does transcript play versus my gpa?

    Grad school will definitely look at the transcript, but how much will it consider my health reasons? will it at all?
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    oh also,
    in terms of post undergrad studies, i was thinking either comp engineering grad school or MBA ... so you know
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    With a couple of F's and some C's what is ur GPA?
    I got almost all A's and a B+ a few times and my GPA was a 3.80 and last semester I got a C+ and B- and now its a 3.73. So getting a B- and a C+ dropped mine that much a F would destroy a GPA.

    I also had medical reasons why I had to drop a whole semester and they gave me Withdraws and medical excuses that wouldn't give me an F in any course, why didn't your school do this if it was an emergency?
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    Good point Mr.Coffee,

    Our school allows you to drop the class I believe past the halfway mark of the semester and simply recieve a "W" without any reason at all. You can just suck at the class and get a W if you want.

    I wonder why they were reluctant to withdraw you? I would go speak with your dean or department head and bring your medical transcripts and documents and demand some guidance on what to do.

    If you truly had medical issues, I don't see any reason why you should be afforded a failing grade. That's pretty lame dude.

    Speak up homie, you pay mad cash to go to school, tell them to do their job. They should be advising people in your position what to do, not handing out F's.
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    that's something you should ask my school

    and F will not contribute to my gpa, because I will repeat those courses, but the transcript will still show that I repeated those courses etc
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    whenever i complain about a C or a F telling them I am getting this bad grade simply due to the fact that I was too sick to take the test, they simply tell me. "Well, you always have the option of repeating the course"
    The point to be noted is I did NOT do bad on tests to fail the tests, I simply did not take them. If and only if they would let me make up those tests ... I would be so much happier (I think)

    and like they would tell me that the deadline to withdraw has passed, but like I had no idea I would not make it to a certain test *after* the deadline has passed ... dont expect me to predict what day I would have tremendous seizures on, and what day I wont ....
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    That's just plain ridiculous, man. If you are an epileptic, it can arise out of nowhere, even mid-test! That is absurd that they weren't more accommodating.

    How do they re-calculate your gpa when you re-take the class? Just omit the old grade and use the newest one, or come to some average of the two?

    My gpa is a 4.0 right now but I have only done GE's and lower-level maths and stuff so I haven't had to deal with the possibility of bad grades in harder classes but it would be good information to know in advanced.

    I know you didn't fail the tests and I am certain you would have done quite well, which is why I was hoping you could speak with someone.

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    Your medical problems might be a bigger concern to a potential employer then your GPA or some failed classes.
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    well, apart from epilepsy, i hope to get rid of other problems like psychological problems, viral fever etc. before i apply to a company / grad school
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    yeah, just omit the old grade and take newest one
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    no one replied to my question, so here i am asking it again:
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    I'd kind of like to hear the answer to this one also.

    My first trip through school, I was focused on med school and getting a bio chem degree, I had mostly A's and a couple B's in general Ed classes. After I decided not to go to med school, near the end of the first semester of my senior year, I lost all interest in school and failed 2 out of my 5 classes and got D's or C's in the rest. The second semester of my senior year, I just stopped going altogether and didn't even bother to drop, all F's for that semester.

    So because of unbelievable stupidity, my transcript is a mess also. Since going back to school through my GPA is 3.5 and I expect that to go up as I get farther and farther away from the 2 C's I received in my last two pure math classes.
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