I am using IBM-BPM tool, and I am trying to do the custom loggin

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In summary, the conversation discusses troubleshooting a custom logging issue in IBM-BPM tool. The user has created a General System Service with a script but it is not working in the current environment. They have also reached out to IBM support for help. The conversation also suggests checking for errors in the console and clarifies that the code provided is in Javascript, not PHP.
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Hi all, I am using IBM-BPM tool. I am trying to do the custom logging. I have created a General System Service and attached the following script. It works very well in other process apps and in the previous snapshots in the same process app. But it does not work in the current environment. I am not able to figure out why is it not working. Please provide a solution if any of you had faced such problems.

var logger = Packages.org.apache.log4j.Logger.getLogger("FHG");

I have created the xml file and have placed in the location specified in a logFilePath variable.
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Have you looked in your console for any errors? Usually things like this will error. I also would suggest reaching out to IBM, if it works on one platform, it should work on another as long as they are configured about the same way.

BTW, that's Javascript, not PHP.
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What is IBM-BPM tool?

IBM-BPM tool is a business process management software developed by IBM. It is used for designing, automating, and managing business processes within an organization.

What is custom logging?

Custom logging is a feature in IBM-BPM tool that allows users to define their own log messages and write them to a specific log file. This helps in tracking the execution of processes and troubleshooting any issues.

How can I enable custom logging in IBM-BPM?

To enable custom logging in IBM-BPM, you need to configure the log file settings in the Process Center or Process Server console. You can also specify the log level and log file location for custom logging.

What are the benefits of using custom logging in IBM-BPM?

Custom logging in IBM-BPM provides several benefits such as real-time monitoring of processes, improved troubleshooting capabilities, better performance analysis, and more. It also helps in tracking critical errors and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Can I customize the format of log messages in IBM-BPM?

Yes, you can customize the format of log messages in IBM-BPM. You can use variables and keywords to define the structure and content of log messages according to your specific requirements.

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