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I can not find the Fourier transform of Bartlett window

  1. Dec 11, 2011 #1
    For the Bartlett window below:

    w(t)=1-|t|/u for -u<t<u
    w(t)=0 otherwise

    the books say that the fourier transform of it is

    I use symbolic toolbox of matlab and can find the transform of a rectangular window. But I couldnt find it in case of Bartlett window. Where am I wrong?
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    I just realized that I had find the result, but in a different form as the following:


    And I checked it numerically that the function is exactly equal to the function below:


    I am not a mathematician and it is not necessary for me but I am wondering: How can I derive the second function from the first one?

    ( NOTE: in the first post, there is a typing error. It should be W(f)=1/u*(sin(∏*f*u)/(pi*f))^2 )
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