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Programs I can't decide between AI and Physics...

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    I've been interested in these 2 subjects for some time now. I'm 18 atm and since I was 13 I've been extremely fascinated by artificial intelligence and theoretical physics. I've only acted on my interest in AI though since I became president of my robotics team and was heavily focused on programming autonomous robots. Now I'm entering UNI and I just can't tell if I should go down the Math/Philosophy route for AI/Cognitive science OR if my true passion is in physics. I spend almost all my time watching these lectures on quantum mechanics, cosmology inflation, quantum information, etc... And physics fulfills my desire to know everything... I just don't know if it's something id particularly enjoy doing. I took AP physics in high school and disliked it, it felt like engineering and I didn't like solving real world problems... But I still find myself attracted to the mysteries of the universe.

    In any case, I want to learn about physics but I'm not sure about the after math of it, I've heard actual research is very dry and boring not to mention extremely competitive. How can I know if I truly should study physics or not?
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    If you don't like solving physics problems then you would not like a physics major.
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    Well, they just seem so specific and practical... Like calculate and predict this... Maybe I would end up liking it idk... I still find physics very interesting, what should I do about it?
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    Vanadium 50

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    You have another thread on this that is going in a similar direction. Is your plan to ask the same question over and over until you get an answer you like?
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    no... I meant to ask here but the mods keep deleting this thread instead of the one on career advice
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    Sorry to hijack your threads but I feel like I've been in this situation before and I just want to speak out. When I started college I was also interested in multiple things and I couldn't decide so I just tried taking the most general classes that covered all my bases. By the time I was almost 21 I was much more clear where I wanted to head.

    Even if you don't like solving problems I think just having an overall interest in physics is enough to justify taking classes and declaring a major. From what I hear CS will be an easier major and kind of more employable right out of college. Math is really abstract, if you like reality then I don't think math will help. I see math is just kind of for it's own beauty kind of major. but anyway just my three cents...
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    You must take a few basic physics courses at college level, I did not mean to dissuade you, I cannot speak for what a physicist does (only they can dumb it down for us, much like most professions). You must do more real physics (solving problems).

    I studied basic mechanics and physics, I like solving basic problems, why dont you? surely this is an indicator you might not be suited for a physics major? or do you not like just AP Physics? go to any university library and look for halliday and resnicks fundamental of physics extended, that is beginning physics at bachelors level.

    Actually, your post is VERY confusing! You must take a breath, jot down your ideas, stop watching silly youtube videos (:P and come back with a more concise post, I really have trouble logically connecting the dots in it.

    I would be happy to answer questions about studying engineering though. Because that is what I do. Maybe the new hip course engineering physics would be interesting for you? :)
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