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I can't manage my time, EE Freshman in a special situation

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    Hi there. I'm 22yo guy from Iran, Just started studying EE (I'm a freshman). Unfortunately, I have an uncommon case in a sick system that it'll be a long story to tell why I couldn't/didn't start going to a university when I was younger, and I'll have to explain a lot since the system here works very different than other countries and simply it SUCKS.

    So anyways, I'm in a university with bad professors and students now. Most of the students here (in the uni which I'm attending) come for anything other than learning (like I said, explaining the situation which I'm in it will take hours to discuss) and it seems like I'm the only one here (in this uni) who's a geek and eager to learn everything fundamentally.*

    I'm counting on surviving from this place. I'm learning on my own while going to this effing university. I compare myself and my knowledge to the students of the best universities in the world and I have very high goals. I'm planning to go overseas (Germany or other providers of cheap/free higher education) to get my Master's. So I have to master both English and German.

    The problem which I'm going to discuss with you friends is that I can't manage my time and I'm too much scrupulous spending so much time to find the best ever material for every subject. Maybe this is because of my stress and anxiety to get through this tough situation.

    [mod edit: removed personal details]

    So the question is how can I manage all these? with the appropriate time for running exercises etc.
    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT 1: There are "better" universities here, but this had nothing to do with my knowledge or how did I study then that I couldn't get through them. I was in a situation which I had no other choices. I'm not selfish but you were not in my shoes, just in case of you judge me.

    EDIT 2: I don't have any real friends here so I don't care how other students do in their studies, exams, etc.
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    My advice would be to be a little less detailed here about some more personal aspects of your life. With that being said, lots of people throughout the world "pamper" themselves on a regular basis and there is nothing abnormal about that.

    However, when it starts to consume more time than you care for, I would recommend perhaps trying to become a bit more outgoing and positive, also regarding your university life. To me EE seems like a very interesting field and undoubtedly there is still a lot you can learn (in class, but also through self study in parallel) and who knows: perhaps you will even run into a nice girl.
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    Thanks for your reply, my friend.
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