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Studying I dont know how to organise my studying

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    i got 5 courses
    1 and a half month left till the end of the semmester
    my lectures and practical lessons and reception hours are spread threwout the week
    so i cant sit and study for a long period of time

    if i dont go to some lectures and i got time and i study for two days one subject
    then i start to forget the rest

    what to do?
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    Hi nhrock3! :smile:

    Don't miss any lectures!

    You're not good enough to risk missing lectures.

    Slow and steady is the best way.

    You have 5 courses, so spend one day on each (between and around lectures), Monday to Friday, including evenings, and use the weekend to catch up on anything you didn't finish. :wink:
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    What do you mean by "forget the rest"? Do you mean that you don't get to study those subjects, or that you actually start forgetting information from those subjects?

    The two biggest aids that I figured out in school, and which I've carried forward into my work life (and learning other fields, like medical), are to make crib sheets to summarize the important things you've learned (and writing summary things down helps you to remember them), and to do as many practice problems as you can. Start at the end of the problem sets (yes the harder problems), and try to do all of the problems in each chapter. If you have problems with a question, it's because you haven't understood the concept that the author is testing you on with that question.

    And in the end, try to relax and trust yourself. I had trouble doing that in school, but looking back, as long as you have a good work ethic, you will do well.
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    i ment that when i spend to much time learning one subject i start to forget the ,aterial i learned on other courses

    i did a schedule but its a dissater
    so here is the basic step
    from those lists i need to choose when to go on each course
    i got some options

    and i got normal analisis course
    day 4 19-20 practice lesson
    day 3 17-20 lecture

    and for each of those 5 course i got reception hours
    for each lecturer
    i dont know how to construct effective schedule
    i am overflown by so much hours i need to attend to
    i cant see when to study by myself
    to get the material in my head
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    I'm currently doing math and education. I don't know if this benefit you but when I go to learn I try and look at the big picture: basically find out what each subject is all about in as few words as possible.

    Think about multivariable calculus: the tangent is no longer a line in two dimensions: its a plane in n dimensions: So this matrix form builds on linear algebra. Linear algebra in one sense is about solving linear systems Ax = b and through this one thing covers a multitude of different ways to solve this one equation.

    Once you get the "big idea" you should look at what the individual snippets you learn and more importantly how they contribute or relate to the big idea. When you see this, it will become much easier to really know what you doing.

    Now you may still have issues not remembering everything all straight away, but if you know what everything means once you see it, then more than likely you will understand it the second time around and remember it the 3rd or 4th time around.

    So big picture first, then expand on the details.
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