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I don't know what classes to take in order.

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    Hello, I was thinking of going back to college for biology but the problem I am having is that I can only have one class per semester (Lack of money) and I am unsure how to approach this field, in high school I was horrible at math (Didn't even pass Alb 1) I didn't take any science classes of any sort in high school. What should I take in order to build a strong foundation to my biology? Do I need to learn chemistry? I am just unsure what to take first, second ect ect.

    Thanks in advanced for any help. :)
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    First you need to make sure you have the prerequisite coursed for any college-level course you take. For a biology course, this usually means high-school level biology and chemistry. Most colleges will have 'upgrading' highschool-level courses for those who need them. After that - take your first year biology course and see where it takes you.
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    Ok, I wasn't sure how it was going to be. Thank goodness that they have that so I don't have to suffer and be in embarrassed from the lack of knowledge. Thank you so much :)
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