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I don't know what to call this thread?

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    Photograph from the Associated Press: photo
    (and the corresponding writeup)

    The discussion topic will invent itself, I hope.
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    Para terrorists, they plan to bring down your power grid, and you thought they were cute :devil: :smile:
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    Chi Meson

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    There would be no problem if people did not think they were cute. My parents live in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, and there are flocks of these birds at their birdfeeders sometimes. They eat all the pears from their tree before anyone gets a chance to pick one. They have no respect for car hoods. They pester the other invasive species in the area (mute swans and Canada geese). How much more of this will we have to take before someone calls for a comittee meeting?
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    We haven't had any species of bird on Guam for 50 years (well, decades, don't know specifically how long), and we just got one. Its a small bird that flies fast and goes kamakazi at you if you get near its nest. People have died. Ow. I don't think we should spend money working on keeping the birds here, not that kind.
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    Well, it seems to be another example of people not understanding nature. These parakeets (the one in the picture looks like a cockatiel (http://www.cockatiels.org/), but its hard to tell from the angle) are not indigenous to Texas, but have been imported as pets, and then they escape and become somewhat of a nuisance.

    They would have to be captured or someone would have to bring in real predators like small falcons.
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    Not to ignore what Astronuc mentioned, but "wild parakeets"? I had no idea. I guess everything was wild at sometime.
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    Parakeets are 'wild'. They are not domesticated like cats and dogs. Most people I know who had cockatiels clipped the flight feathers so that the birds did not fly away!
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