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I don't know where i want to transfer to

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    hey guys, i'm finishing up on my 2nd year at community college in norcal majoring in civil engineering. with the end of the semester coming, that question pops up in my mind once more. where do i want to transfer to? as of now, my mind is set on going to a uc (university of california) as opposed to the csu (california state university). as much as i want to live the "college" life away from my hometown, i really dont think i would survive, especially as an engineering major. if i choose a uc, ill definitely have to leave home. if i go to a csu, i would have to take 2-3 extra general ed courses at cc but i'll be closer to home. the only closest uc is davis, but i hear their engineering department is horrible. any advice?
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    Best bet is to visit some of the campuses you're thinking about. Schedule a campus visit and talk with someone in the department. They'll be more than willing (usually) to tell you anything you want to know about the program. You can get a feel for the campus and the department and then decide if you think you can make it away from home.

    Also, if you're thinking about transferring this upcoming fall, I think you might be a bit late. I'm transferring this fall as well...most colleges had app deadlines in Jan-Feb...UC was in December, I think. Whenever you plan on transferring, apply to several schools...the financial aid packages and program requirements after transfer might make up your mind for you. That's how I ended up at Rolla this fall: my top choices simply didn't offer enough $$ to make it reasonable to attend.

    Good luck!
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    I hear that UC Davis has a good engineering program, but I don't know much about Civil Engineering in particular. The UC's are suppose to have better engineering departments than CSU's except Cal Poly. You said you are from Norcal. Have you considered UC Berkeley?
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    yeah i wont be transferring until spring 2010, still a long way to go. definitely ill visit some campuses and talk with engineering majors/faculty and the like.
    see ive been getting mixed reviews about uc davis. some say its really bad, then others say its really good. i have considered berkeley and i will apply there, but im just not feeling berkeley.
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