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I feel my memory constantly deteriorating Any advice?

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    Hey all,

    I am an engineer, and working towards a PhD. 9 years ago, when I started studying in the university, my memory was very good.

    It's been a couple of years that I've realised that I can simply no longer remember things the way I used to. It may be linked to some events in my life that really took a toll, or, simply old age :P

    I taught Lagrangian mechanics a month ago, and today I had to actually think how to derive Lagrange's formula for dynamics; I couldn't remember an equation with two terms, and I've used it like a million times. This is just one example. This happens not only with equations, but with concepts as well. I had to re-think how to put the signs in virtual work because I could simply not remember it.

    My memory is still suffices for everyday tasks, so if I were in a different line of work I probably wouldn't have realised it.

    Is this normal? I guess that a lot of you are in a similar, or more advanced step in your careers than I am, so is this also something you observe in yourselves? If so, how do you cope?

    This is really hindering me in my studies because I don't really have trouble understanding anything. I do, however, have to read the same things over and over, and unless I use something all the time, it simply slips away.

    I have read a lot of things about improving your memory, and a few books on mnemonics, but it turned out that I don't really have the discipline to incorporate such techniques in my work. I'm starting to consider the option of asking for professional help ^_^
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    You should see a neurologist to rule out any medical reasons. It could just be stress, lack of quality sleep, too much on your mind, but only a doctor can run the proper tests.

    Good luck.
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