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I got a question about this statistic

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    There are around people in the world.

    There are around 60.000.000 deaths a year.

    1.000.000 commit suicide every year.

    What is right to assume- That 1 out of 7.000 people commit suicide or 1 out of 60 people commit suicide?

    I am having a hard time with that. Could someone help me?
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    It would be that 1 out of 60 deaths are suicide, and 1 out of 7000 people commit suicide. I don't know how accurate these statistics are, though.
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    Ok. forgive me. Its just approximate statistics.

    I don't know why I am having a hard time with that. I simply can't understand.

    These are death statistics. I mean. Since EVERYBODY will die someday. All alive population will die. Is it correct to say that 1 in 60 people will EVER die by suicide or 1 out of 7000 will ever die by suicide?
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    That should say "1 out of 7000 people commit suicide each year"
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    Right. An important distinction.
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