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I have so many talents I'm literally confused what to do

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    I know it may sound a bit cocky but it's true. I was good in academics since school time and I loved physics, so i pursued it. Got my BS and MS in physics. During my course of studies, I got interested in writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I also like music and gave drumming a shot.
    Now, here's what happened...
    I practiced drumming so much that ultimately I became the best drummer in my city in 2014, got confused whether to pursue physics or drumming?
    I started freelance content writing and SEO and got so good at it so quickly that I in fact earn thousands of dollars doing that till this date.
    I've always been good in physics and right now tutoring physics to senior secondary classes, earning good money there too.
    So to sum up, I'm good in drumming, great in content writing and SEO and knows physics like the back of my hand. I'm 24 and truly finding it difficult to decide what to pursue in future.... HELP!
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    Assume you have a bright idea in each of the topics late in the evening. You make some sketches, because it's late and you are tired. When you wake up the next morning which topic will make you sit down and work on it whether it's a pleasure or not, because to work something out isn't as satisfactory as having an idea. Or is it the case with one of them?

    I've once been told that a genius isn't someone with extraordinary talent, it is sitting down and working on it the tough way. I think there is much truth to it.
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    Sounds like you need to work on your decisiveness. You need to decide what you want to do, then do it.
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    "Happiness is when what the world needs intersects with what you can offer."

    Relevant podcast about sayings/proverbs/memes: https://soundcloud.com/crackedpod/famous-sayings-you-should-stop-listening-to [Broken] -- basically it's about how memes tend to spread based on their catchiness rather than their accuracy (for example: "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is generally bad advice).
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    jim hardy

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    Ever read "Spoon River Anthology" ? It's a fictional collection of backward looks at life, some squandered and others well spent.

    These two are on facing pages......... i wonder why

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    You seem to set out to do something and achieve success, so that is something good.

    So now, you can sit on the fence for a while, but time passes quickly.
    When the choice is made, whatever it is, realize that it is the Right choice.
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    If you're making a living doing what you're doing right now, and you're happy, then I'm confused about why you're confused. If you're simply looking for a new hobby, then the obvious choice is to learn another instrument, or learn about what's currently being done in your favorite branch of physics and continue your academic career in that area. As Russ mentioned, if you have many different talents then make a decision and go with it!
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    Great advice... thank you!
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