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TUTOR, also known as PLATO Author Language, is a programming language developed for use on the PLATO system at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign beginning in roughly 1965. TUTOR was initially designed by Paul Tenczar for use in computer assisted instruction (CAI) and computer managed instruction (CMI) (in computer programs called "lessons") and has many features for that purpose. For example, TUTOR has powerful answer-parsing and answer-judging commands, graphics, and features to simplify handling student records and statistics by instructors. TUTOR's flexibility, in combination with PLATO's computational power (running on what was considered a supercomputer in 1972), also made it suitable for the creation of games — including flight simulators, war games, dungeon style multiplayer role-playing games, card games, word games, and medical lesson games such as Bugs and Drugs (BND). TUTOR lives on today as the programming language for the Cyber1 PLATO System, which runs most of the source code from 1980s PLATO and has roughly 5000 users as of June 2020.

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  1. anorlunda

    What's the best way to break bad speech habits?

    I just finished watching a fine debate. It included Law Professors Eugene Volokh, Lawrence Tribe, plus Katie Fallow, Gautam Hans, and Colin Stretch. All of them learned, articulate, informed, and tempered. But their discussion was marred by an excessive number of ahs, ums, you-knows, and...
  2. G

    New member from Guatemala

    Hello, my name is Germán Arias. I live in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I have 7 years of experience as a tutor in physics and mathematics. Mainly in general physics, algebra, trigonometry and calculus. But occasionally also with other areas such as mechanical engineering (static and dynamic)...
  3. G

    Rocket equation without infinite small variables

    Hey, I'm tutor for theoretical physics for first year students and I found a question that I couldn't answer so far. It's about the rocket equation. I tried to derive the acceleration without using infinite small variables, but somehow there is one term left that shouldn't be there. In the...
  4. ElectricRay

    Find Math Tutor: Friendly, Experienced & Affordable

    Hello all, Does anybody have some suggestions where to find a friendly math tutor who is willing to tutor me (im even willing to pay a fair price for it). I am studying for Bsc Electrical Engineering at a Dutch university by distance learning so I don't have any lectures. I don't have huge...
  5. T

    Math Can I call myself a mathematician if I am a Maths tutor?

    So I have been tutoring maths for almost 10 years now and tutor a wide range of students including students doing Olympiad problems to upper undergraduate level students. I have a Master Degree in mathematics. Can I call myself a mathematician?
  6. TJM-Ex-Op

    Advice sought for a first time tutor

    Dear PF nation, I did some searches and found some posts related to my questions but I thought I'd post for additional detail. I offered to help a HS student with non-calc physics. The student is a family friend and I'm not charging for this. I've taught work related topics professionally...
  7. F

    Math Transition from math student to math tutor

    Hello PF forum, I'm currently an applied math major and am in my 3rd year. I've completed Calculus 1 - 3, Discrete math, and the introduction course to linear algebra at state university. I did well in linear algebra and was engaged in it. I was engaged in discrete math but some of the topics...
  8. T

    Studying Electrical Engineering Tutor Needed

    Hi, I am currently distance learning an electrical engineering course from a marine college. I have study material and past exam papers. Unfortunately the college won't mark my practice exam papers so I don´t know if I am getting the correct results. Does anyone know of any online...
  9. John A

    Exploring the Deeper Principles of Physics: A Guide for Students

    Hello my name is John. My main reason for signing up here was to expand my knowledge of physics as well as seek help from those who have better knowledge of physics. I'm finishing my grade 11 physics course in two days and I will be beginning my grade 12 course on late January of 2017. I'm a...
  10. S

    I have so many talents I'm literally confused what to do

    I know it may sound a bit cocky but it's true. I was good in academics since school time and I loved physics, so i pursued it. Got my BS and MS in physics. During my course of studies, I got interested in writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I also like music and gave drumming a shot...
  11. M

    Successful Online Tutoring for Physics & Math: Tips from Experienced Tutors

    There are times when I don't quite have the energy for my difficult graduate work, but I still feel like doing something physics or math related. I was wondering anyone here has had success doing tutoring online using one of the many available platforms that combine chat, video, and digital...
  12. EthanCanSchool

    Should I Tutor My Classmate in Chemistry?

    Hi, My name's Ethan and I plan on being a teacher. I am doing good in my chemistry class with an A and a girl in my class asked if i would tutor her. This happened today. I don't if i should do it because i feel as if she won't understand what I'm saying. Should I just go for it? She also asked...
  13. M

    Tips for Tutoring Math: From College Algebra to Differential Equations

    So I am studying Engineering and after this semester, I should be done with all the math courses required. I have taken calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra and differential equations. Obviously, I don't recall everything I have learned but I would like to tutor math. I would like to tutor in my...
  14. M

    Tutor Needed: 10th Grader Seeks Science Professor

    Hello everyone! I am a 10th Grader but quite frankly,I know almost everything that my teacher has been teaching us and it's starting to bore me. I'm looking for someone with whom has had extensive knowledge in science- preferably a college science professor or a university professor whom can...
  15. M

    Are NCAA Tutor Wages Regulated by the NCAA or Individual Universities?

    Hey PF! I am wondering about a question and after a long research I've decided to go to the smartest forum on the web: you all. The question is, for US universities, do tutors who are employed by a university have wage caps when tutoring student athletes set out by the NCAA or is wage...
  16. C

    Is my instructional technique adequate for becoming a tutor in math?

    I am interested in instructing my peers in math up to Calc. II (and maybe basic concepts in Calc. III as the video shows). The problem is that I am aiming for a bachelor's in Liberal Studies and I have absolutely no formal credentials to suggest that I am qualified to pursue this path. I plan on...
  17. G

    Tutor (me) needs help on pulley angular accel question

    I am a high school teacher tutoring a family member in an introductory university class. I have good knowledge of typical pulley questions and semi-decent knowledge of angular acceleration (it is no longer in the high school curriculum here and I am out of practice). Can anyone give me a...
  18. E

    Finding Better Pay as a Tutor: Is It Possible?

    So I've been looking for a tutoring position and one that I've found pays $10 / hour. This seems to be way less than what I've been hearing people say the average pay is. However, the job is located in the dorm complex I'm currently living in, so I guess the school pays for my salary and the...
  19. S

    Programs Looking for advice about being a tutor and switching majors.

    Hey guys, I don't post here much but I visit quite often. Anyways, I would like to ask if you guys have experience in being a Math tutor. Is it a difficult task? Can you guys tell me the experience you gained from it? I have been thinking of being a Math tutor but I am really scared about the...
  20. joe_cool2

    Becoming a Tutor: My Calculus II Journey

    I attend my school in the fall and spring semesters like most students; I'm pretty new to the campus as I've been there for only one full year. At 19, I am a "youngin". Last semester, I took Calculus II... with the worst teacher I've ever had. Period. Still, I managed to get a B, at an 84%...
  21. S

    Who is better? student or tutor?

    Do you think a postgrad maths student would be a better high school maths tutor than a typical high school teacher?
  22. C

    Courses Math Tutor Looking to Deepen Understanding: A Journey Through Math & Physics

    I am a private math tutor for high school and college students who are struggling with their math courses. I'm considering pursuing a masters degree in mathematics education to both improve my teaching abilities and deepen my understanding of the mathematical and physical science concepts that I...
  23. S

    Need help with physics? Let me tutor you online!

    Hey, I have completed two years of my studies at Imperial College London (in Physics, obviously!). Currently, I am on a gap year and haven't got anything interesting to do. So, I figured if anyone needs help with freshman and sophomore physics, I can tutor them online on a regular basis. Perhaps...
  24. T

    Applied Mechanics Tutoring - Find Local Help Here

    I spent a couple minutes perusing the site to see if there was an appropriate place for this question. Basically I've tried all the local tutors for my applied mechanics problems and none seem to have the training for it. That was through the school and kijiji. Since I'm willing to take pictures...
  25. T

    Get Math Tutor: Calculus Prep for High School Students

    How could I go about getting a math tutor? I am currently in high school and would like to start studying calculus over the next 8 months before I take calculus 1 and then 2 at my local community college. So how can I go about getting a good math tutor that could teach me calculus and give me...
  26. D

    Becoming a Math Tutor: Is My Plan a Good One?

    okay so I'm in my first year of university and I've been going to 2 math tutors for a business calculus course. The one is an older lady who has a very large amount of people who go to her she makes around $500 a day, she does this by tutoring 5 kids at once I was actually there where a day...
  27. B

    Seeking Experienced Physics Tutor: Paypal Payment Available

    I wasn't sure where to put this. Anyways, I'm having a hard time in my introductory class. It's Principles of Physics I. I am wanting to hire a tutor. I'd obviously want someone who is experienced in Physics. If possible, we could talk over Skype or some type of audio program. I can pay...
  28. J

    What It's Like Being a Physics Tutor: An Inside Look

    I've been a physics tutor at my university for over a year now, and I just have to get this off my chest. Feel free to comment or share your own experiences. WHY do some students think it's ok to completely forget EVERYTHING they learned in physics 1, then come to me when they're taking...
  29. J

    Can a Fresh Graduate Become a Physics Tutor?

    A few months ago I graduated a 4-year physics degree/masters (MPhys) in the UK. I'll be starting my PhD soon and I was thinking of ways to supplement my income. I had the idea of possibly being a tutor to A-level and GCSE physics students to make a bit of extra cash. (By tutoring, I'm thinking...
  30. W

    Is Private Tutoring Unregulated Like Babysitting?

    I've decided to pursue this for the remainder of the summer in order to gain some experience and to make some money but I don't know anything about state laws and qualifications. I plan to tutor in high school and introductory college math and physics and can transport myself to anywhere in my...
  31. C

    My tutor set me out to figure out how shadows are 3D.I'm 14 so I

    My tutor set me out to figure out how shadows are 3D. I'm 14 so I said they can't because shadows don't have depth. How is this possible? He said I won't fully understand until year 12. If you know anything please post, thanks!
  32. R

    Query over tutor help on question Please help

    Query over tutor help on question... Please help! Homework Statement I have a problem to solve regarding travel in vertical circles and know the required formulae. However, I'm being told that my rearrangement of the formulae is wrong! Homework Equations mv^2/r = mg and I need v...
  33. X

    Hire a Physics Tutor? Here's What to Know

    Hey there! I'm currently taking Introductory Physics: Electricity & Magnetism. I never seen this material before, and heard many awful stories. So, my question is whether I should hire a tutor or not? I'm worried that I might become stuck as the topics increase in difficulty. What do guys suggest?
  34. A

    Need Help with IB Physics? Check Out These Topical Online Resources!

    Please visit http://ibphysicshelp.blogspot.com/" for hep regarding concepts in physics
  35. R

    Prepare for the Putnam: Intensive Math Training Without a Tutor

    Hey, I am just wondering whether there is a good way to get you trained for the Putnam? It may not necessarily for the Putnam, but to teach you to tackle fun and difficult math problems and come up with ideas. I want to use the coming summer to do this and I will have tons of free time at...
  36. M

    Getting a tutor to help you solve physics or mathematics problems

    Hi. This may seem strange because I don't know about laws of cheating in every country. When our teacher assigns us a homework he says it's ok to get an outside tutor to help you understand the problem provided that when we write the solution we do it in our own way and be able to explain it...
  37. L

    Tutors can't always be trusted, Anyone ever seen the tutor do this stuff

    Some of the tutors either a.) Don't know how to do the problem that a student asks for help with, and as a result either, they will either make up some unreal and totally wrong way to do it, thinking that they should do that to help keep their tutoring job, and that no one would ever know, or...
  38. Q

    Tutor Search: Physics Tutors in Australia

    Hi, Hope it's the right forum for this post. I am doing honours year physics in Australia. Never have I felt so frustrated and overwhelmed. Is anyone in Australia willing to help me (mainly in quantum field theory and quantum mechanics)? I've been asking several tutor agencies but could...
  39. S

    Question that neither my teacher nor tutor could do (Grade 12 Physics)

    Homework Statement http://i.imgur.com/7DzVr.pngHomework Equations Kinematics Equations: Vf = Vi + at Δy = Vi(t) + 1/2 * a * t^2 Vf^2 = Vi^2 + 2aΔy Δy = (Vi + Vf)/2 * tThe Attempt at a Solution My teacher and tutor don't know how to do this and some strangers told me that I had to measure the...
  40. 1

    Navigating Physics in Grade 12: Should I Hire a Tutor?

    Hello, I"m struggling with physics at the Grade 12 level. I'm in my 30's and haven't looked at physics or trigonometry for at least 20 years! Has anyone ever used a tutor before and had success with this method of learning? I'm considering hiring a tutor, but I'm not sure how often I should...
  41. U

    Seeking Online Math Tutor for High School Student

    I am not sure if this is the correct place to post so feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I would like to ask if anybody here would be willing to tutor me online basically like a teacher/student situation and work through maths. I am achieving high in maths at school but want to advance...
  42. JasonJo

    What is the best way to approach tutoring and prepare materials for students?

    How do I 1) Stay in sync with the material when I don't own a copy of their textbook? I don't think I can purchase their textbook and photocopies I don't think are a good option. I don't want it to be, we meet and then we discuss what they are confused on. I would likes some degree of...
  43. K

    Sorry I need so much help, my tutor is done for the semester

    Homework Statement A spring is hung from the ceiling. A 0.483-kg block is then attached to the free end of the spring. When released from rest, the block drops 0.176 m before momentarily coming to rest. (a) What is the spring constant of the spring? (b) Find the angular frequency of the...
  44. S

    Where to Find a Physics Tutor During Summer?

    I'm taking college physics right now over the summer semester and really struggling with it. Because it's summer my college tutoring center is closed. Does anyone have any advice on places to find a good physics tutor in my area?
  45. Gib Z

    Is it ok for me to tutor other kids while still in Highschool?

    Well, the questions the thread name =] I have no professional training in teaching methods, or in the mathematics I am planning to teach for that matter. The main thing that made me ask this was that a friend in the same grade as me came and asked if I would tutor him for an hour every week. I...
  46. Bob3141592

    Is $30 a Week a Fair Price for a Math Tutor?

    Here's the deal. I'm an almost old geezer, and not a student of any kind. I used to be a student (BS in math in 76) but to be honest in college I was a bit distracted by girls and partying), and didn't take full advantage of my educational opportunities. Now I'd like to take math seriously...
  47. B

    Is my tutor wasting my time?

    Homework Statement This is the first part of a more complex problem but I shall give all the relevant data. A cast iron flywheel is rotating at 80rev/sec and is brought to rest in 20sec by a hydraulic braking system acting on the outer dia. of the flywheel. There is 4Nm of frictional...
  48. J

    Midnight Tutor - Videos To Help You Learn Calculus

    http://www.midnighttutor.com/ I searched and it looked like no one had posted this before, so here it is. The Midnight Tutor is an awesome site in which some guys make videos of themselves in front of boards and teach calculus, be it a concept or how to solve a certain kind of problem. It is...
  49. T

    Help! I'm Struggling with Physics: Seeking a Tutor

    I've become completely hopeless. I've started honors physics but fell behind way too quick and have been stringing along for a month now since vectors began being taught. This is abnormal for me as everything has always come easy for me. Our teacher is no help and I'm looking for a tutor. I...
  50. F

    I’m Looking To Become an Online Tutor

    Hi friends, I’m a university graduate. I am working in a Company and would like to tutor students online in my spare time in math and science. Can you recommend any sites where I could register to be an online tutor for students worldwide? Thanks in advance!